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If you want to have a decorative piece in your home, or at least keep track of the day/night cycle in your world, you ought to make a clock. A clock will visually represent what time it is by slowing cycling between a blue, sunlit background, and a black, moonlit background. You can simply hold the clock to see what time your world is in, but you can also place it in an item frame to make a cosmetic feature in your home. This guide will show you how to make a clock in Minecraft, how to read a clock, how to place a clock on the wall, and the uses of a clock in Minecraft.

How to Make a Clock in Minecraft?

Materials Required:

In order to make a clock, you will need the following items.

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  1. 4 Gold Ingots
  2. 1 Redstone Dust
  3. Crafting Table

Step-by-Step Process to make a clock in Minecraft

To make a clock, you just need to place gold in a “+” shape in your crafting menu and replace the middle-most slot with Redstone dust. You have to do so on a crafting table, as the regular crafting inventory is not large enough.

How to Make a Clock in Minecraft

To get the required ingredients, you will need to have at least an iron pickaxe to obtain the gold ore necessary. First, get an iron pickaxe by placing 3 iron ingots in the top row of your crafting table, and place 2 sticks below the top middle column.

Getting an iron axe to get clock in Minecraft

Once your pickaxe is ready to go, you will need to locate gold ore. Gold ore begins to generate below “Y” level 31. Look underground and eventually, you will run into the gold speckled ore.

Locating gold ore

While you are down here, look for Redstone ore as well. Redstone ore looks similar to gold ore, but the color is red. It will also glow when you walk on top of it or strike it with anything. Luckily with Redstone ore, you do not have to smelt the ore, it will drop as dust when you break it with an iron pickaxe or better.

Looking for Redstone Ore

Once you have 4 gold ore acquired, you can smelt the ore by placing it in a furnace. It will take about 10 seconds to smelt your gold ore into ingots. After your 4 gold ingots are ready and you have some Redstone dust, you can craft your clock at a crafting table.

Smelting gold ore to craft a clock in Minecraft

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That’s all you need to craft a clock in Minecraft.

How to Read a Minecraft Clock

It is very simple to read a clock in Minecraft. It will always display visually where in the day/night cycle the world is in. You can read it by holding it in your inventory and checking the time on the clock, or you can hold it in your hand.

How to Read a Minecraft Clock

Reading from left to right, if the left side of the clock is dark, that means night is falling over your world. If the entire clock is black, your world has reached midnight. This is when the night is halfway over, and the moon in the middle of the sky.

How to Read a Minecraft Clock

Likewise for daytime, if the left side of the clock is blue, the sun is beginning to rise.

How to Read a Minecraft Clock

When the majority of your clock is showing a blue background, that means that it is noon or midday. Half of the daytime is gone at this point, the sun is in the middle of the sky, and it will soon turn back to nighttime.

How to Read a Minecraft Clock

Knowing this, you can plan ahead for any overworld adventures to prevent how much time you spend at nighttime. If your goal is to hunt mobs, you can keep an eye on your clock to see how much nighttime you have left. A lot of what the clock provides will be specific to your needs at that point in time.

Placing a Clock on the Wall in Minecraft

It is very simple to place a clock on the wall in Minecraft. You will just need an item frame. To make an item frame you will need 8 sticks and 1 piece of leather. Look around a grassy area for natural cow spawns and kill enough cows for you to get 1 piece of leather.

Placing a Clock on the Wall in Minecraft

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Cows are not guaranteed to drop leather, but it is still a fairly common drop. You should not have much trouble locating a piece of leather. After you have obtained leather, you just need 8 sticks. You will need 4 wooden planks, so just 1 log will suffice. Break down a log into planks, and those planks into sticks to get the sticks you need.

Getting sticks to place minecraft clock

Once you have leather and sticks ready to go, place your leather in the middle-most slot of the crafting table and surround the leather with sticks. You will get the item frame you need to hang up your clock.

Getting an item frame

Select your item frame in your Hotbar and right-click on the wall you want your clock to be on. I would recommend somewhere you cannot easily see the day/night cycle or simply somewhere near the exit of your house to see how early/late it is at that moment.

Placing clock on the wall in Minecraft

Once your item frame is placed, select your clock and right-click on the item frame to place your clock in the frame. It will still function regularly and gives the appearance of a wall clock in your home.

Placing clock on the wall in Minecraft

That is all you need to hang up your clock in Minecraft.

Uses of the Clock in Minecraft

There is not much use to the clock beyond being able to tell the time regardless of where you are in the overworld. Having a clock underground can help you know when it is getting late in the night or early in the morning. It also behaves like a nice decorative piece for any home to have.

Uses of the Clock in Minecraft

Having a clock placed near your beds can help you know when you can sleep as well. You can sleep as soon as the moon begins to rise, so when the clock displays half of it as nighttime you can sleep. As described above, a clock will visually show you the day/night cycle as you are going about your business.


Congratulations, you now know how to make, read, and use a clock in Minecraft. While it is not the most imperative item you will ever make in the game, it can be helpful with planning out your routine. It is also a nice cosmetic feature that can help round out a room in your home. Reading a clock is pretty simple in Minecraft, as it literally displays where the day/night cycle is at that moment. It is up to you to decide where and how to use your clock to its greatest potential.

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