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MCA is extensively configurable to your liking. Each configuration option is fairly self-explanatory, and if not, a tooltip is provided by hovering over the configuration option. You can configure MCA in-game.To get to the configuration screen, go to Minecraft”s main menu, select Mods, then scroll through and locate Minecraft Comes Alive. Click it, then at the bottom of the mods list, click Config.

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First, of course, grab a village seed before playing, unless you”d like to find a village naturally. When you”re ready, start a new world and see what happens!

Right-click the enchantment table and answer the setup questions. At the end, you can choose how you want to start the game.
You”ll have quite a few choices at the end of the setup process.I Have a Family – You”ll spawn in a small house with a spouse and from 0 – 2 children at random.I Live Alone – You”ll spawn in a tall yet quaint home.I Live in a Village – You”ll spawn in a small home within a village populated with several other villagers.None of these – You”ll remain at your current location with no changes to the world.Note: These options spawn structures at your current location in the world, overwriting whatever is there! You have been warned.
When you choose something from the Interact menu, it may succeed or fail depending on the villager”s mood, personality, and your relationship.If you begin using too many interactions in a row, they will become less effective and prone to failing.For those who want a little extra guidance when interacting with villagers, press CTRLin the interaction screen to show your chance of success!
Villagers” moods can change at any time depending on previous interactions, what has occurred in their village recently, and their personality.Moods influence how successful your interactions with that villager may be. Some negative moods can often boost your chance of success using some interactions!There are only three villager mentalities that can be assigned by a personality. These affect the villager”s mood types. These are playful, serious, and standard.In addition to factoring into the villager”s moods, their mentality will determine which interactions are more effective.

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Playfulvillagers prefer more jokes, flirts, etc., whileseriousvillagers prefer chatting and stories. Standardvillagers have no real preference as to which interaction you use on them.You”ll also find that playful villagers are either bored, or entertained. Serious villagers may show interest, or become angry or annoyed. Villagers with the standardmentality will either be happy, or sad.
To interact with a villager, simply right-click them to see all of the different things you can do. If you are familiar with previous versions of MCA, this screen is going to look a lot different! It has been expanded to be cleaner and display information in a more RPG-like format.

Color-coded above are the different sections of the interaction screen.In cyan – This is the villager”s mood, personality, and (on children), age.In green – The villager”s marital information, parental information, and any available gifts for you are displayed here. In the example above, the villager is married.In red – This is your relationship level. At 5 red hearts, they will begin turning gold. At 5 gold hearts, you can marry the villager. Hearts will be black if the villager does not like you.In blue – This is the villager”s name and job.In orange – This is your interaction menu. Depending on your relationship with this villager, your set of options may be different.

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Personalities cannot change. They establish a villager mentality, which influences what types of moods the villager will be in and which interactions will have a higher chance of working on them.Each personality also assigns its own special ability to that particular villager.

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