Minecraft Dimlet Tutorial – Rftools Dimlet Construction Intro

1.7.10Open SourceForge1., Dimension Builder, Teleportation, Crafter, Screens, Builder, Spawner, Block Protector, Storage, and more (V7.00)

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Hi. I didn”t read the entire forum, so the question may have already been asked, but would it be possible to customize the gravity more? (Producing effects similar to Galacticraft?) I”ve used the No Gravity dimlet, but i didn”t really notice a difference.

Also, is it possible to have more control of the placement of celestial bodies?


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I do need help … I can”t make hand or toes out of the dimensions …

It seems I can”t delete the dimension, even if the tab is reused

I”ve got a quick question about space cards and the Builder. Is there any way to set the offset for the copied structure like there is for the shape cards? I”m trying to use the builder to copy a pattern multiple times, but it”s driving me nuts having to move the builder itself over and over and over and over and over to get each piece in oriented correctly. I”m hoping there”s a super easy solution to this that I”m just missing, and my google-fu just isn”t good enough to turn up a solution on my own. Halp?

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I may just be overlooking something, but for the life of me, I can”t figure out how to get the time essence to make the fast time dimlet.What needs to be done?

Wow, the scanner-projector is looking pretty cool. I remember way back a person named CJB was trying something like this, it worked, but was a bit laggy and had a tendency to crash. It was more of a “holographic map display” type of thing.

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Hi, I”ve only used the RFTools Builder twice now and I already love the mod. I do have a question about the builder:

When using a shape card, I noticed that you can remove projected support/preview blocks by right/left clicking on them. I guess I assumed that any blocks removed this way would then be ignored by the builder, but this is not the case. So my question: is there a way to prevent the builder from filling in spaces which have had their preview blocks manually removed? Or is this purely a visual thing?

If not, I guess consider it a suggestion ;>


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