Why Am I Throwing Items In Ftb Minecraft Dropping Items When I Click Them

This isn”t really a Tekkit bug, but InvTweaks. It also happens when I install InvTweaks on my normal Minecraft JAR. But, since all Tekkit users have InvTweaks, I thought some of you would know.

Đang xem: Minecraft dropping items when i click them

So the deal is, after a random amount of time from starting the game, I get a bug where every time I click on an item in my inventory it falls to the ground. This keeps happening and I have to restart the whole game. Pressing both shift keys at once doesn”t help; this is not the vanilla stuck shift key bug. I don”t want to mess up during a raid so I just disabled InvTweaks, but i miss the chest sorting. Can anybody help me?

Thanks! 🙂

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danidas 0

Posted June 1, 2012


MemberMembers427 posts
Posted June 1, 2012

If you hit alt it will do that and if you hit it again the issue will go away.

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Jargen 0

Posted June 1, 2012


New MemberMembers14 posts
Posted June 1, 2012

I get this problem using just vanilla Tekkit. I fix it by going fullscreen (Pressing F11).

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Dragetis 0

Posted September 16, 2012


New MemberMembers4 posts
Posted September 16, 2012

+1 Danidas.

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InvTweaks issue (items drop when clicked in inventory)
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