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The Minecraft Exit Code 0 means that the game client has successfully exited. If you are seeing this error code, the mostly likely cause is an outdated Java or your system does not have the necessary RAM required by the server. Another area of concern is the mods installed. One of the mods may be causing the game to crash with the code 0. With this error, there are so many potential causes, it difficult to pin point one. An outdated GPU driver or selecting the integrated GPU instead of dedicated can also lead to the error. Here are all the solutions you can try to fix the Minecraft Exit Code 0.

How to Fix Minecraft Exit Code 0

Minecraft Exit Code 0 has plagued the community for quite some time with threads extending hundreds of posts on Reddit and other forums. It can be tiring to go through all the post in the threads, so, we have taken the best solutions that you can try. Here are the solutions for the Minecraft error code 0. Try them one at a time.

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Minecraft Exit Code 0

Add the mods one at a time

Mods are one of the main reason why you could be setting the error code. One of the mod may not be updated or there may be a corruption that’s conflicting with Minecraft leading it to crash. As such, navigate to the Mod folder and delete all files in it, restart the computer, launch the game and run forge. Now, if you want the mods back, install them one at a time and check which mods causes the error. Don’t use the problematic mod.

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To find the Mod folder, press Windows Key + R, type %appdata%, click Ok. Go to Minecraft and at the bottom there should be the Mod folder. This simple step should fix the Minecraft Exit Code 0. But, if the error still occurs, here are some other solutions you can try.

Ensure Java client and GPU is not outdated

Another reason brought up by a lot of users is an outdated Java client. An out-of-date Java client can also result in the error. Some users also had success after updating the video card drivers. It’s a gamer’s modus operandi to keep all software on the system updated, this also includes the Windows operating system. So, update the game, Java client, GPU driver, and the OS as that might be the reason behind the error code.

Ensure the game is using dedicated GPU

If you are playing the game on a Laptop, it’s likely that you have two GPUs installed. One the integrated GPU and the other dedicated, changing the game’s usage from one GPU to the other is also known to fix the issue.

Allocate more RAM

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For users who are running a modded client or server, we suggest that you have sufficient RAM. A RAM of 6-8 GBs should allow you to run the game smoothly without any error. In any case, you should not have a RAM of less than 2 GB. For a Vanilla server that not demanding, the 2 GB should work; however, it’s best that you have 4 GBs.

Other Solutions for Minecraft Exit Code 0

  • If you are using the Beta Version of the launcher, change to non-beta.
  • If you have removed a mod, but its files are there in the Mod folder, it could be causing the issue. Look for any deleted mod files still present and delete them. It should fix the Minecraft Exit Code 0 if you match the case.
  • If you are using the OptiFine mod that could be the problem. The particular mod is known to cause issues, delete it and see if the problem does not occur.
  • If a recent driver update started the issue, roll back to the previous driver. You can do this from Device Manager or simply uninstall the current driver and download the install the version that was working fine.

Reinstall the Minecraft client from scratch

Finally, if none of the above solutions have worked, you may want to delete the client completely and download it from scratch. Hopefully, that would fix the error.

That’s all we have in this guide, if you have a better solution to fix Minecraft exit code 0 or we missed something, let us know in the comments.

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