How to make a backpack in the "Meincraft" with the Forestry mod?

Every majorfactor knows the problemcrowded inventory – when a hero sets off on a long journey through the world, his inventory quickly overflows, and so it is no longer possible to take new items. Therefore, you have to craft the chests and store objects in them, trying not to forget where this chest is located. Or simply throw away what you need less. Naturally, both outputs are not very pleasant for gamers, so you'd better install a modification of Forestry. With it, you will get the opportunity to create special backpacks that will solve your problem forever. From this article, you will learn how to make a backpack in the “Maincraft”.

Creating a backpack and its classes

how to make a backpack in maynkraft

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As you quickly understand, you do not haveyou will quickly learn how to make a backpack in “Maincrafter”, and then immediately use it. Here there is a rather tricky system that divides backpacks into several different classes, and each such backpack has its own manufacturing recipe. In fact, all the recipes are similar, but none of them is the same. What is the difference between each kind of backpack from another? The fact is that in such a bag not all objects are placed, but only a certain class. If you have a backpack of a miner, then it will contain only ingots, ore, coal, precious stones and so on. If the bag is marked as for the “forester”, then only wood, mushrooms, berries and other similar items will be stored there. To create any of the backpacks you will need one chest, two blocks of wool and four strands. But the other two ingredients are different for each case. For the forester is wood, for a digger is a stone, for a miner is iron bars, for a hunter is a feather, for a builder is clay, and for an adventurer is a bone. Accordingly, each of the backpacks contains only thematic items and has fifteen slots for this. However, this is not enough, so now that you know how to make a backpack in the “Maincraft”, you can expand it.

Creating a fabric backpack

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Maincraft fashion on backpacks 1 5 2

Tissue Backpack is an improved version thatcan store in itself three times as many objects. How to make a backpack in “Maincraft” fabric? To do this you will need one diamond, seven pieces of woven silk, as well as one bucket of water, which is already used by the carpenter. It is for this recipe that you can transform any backpack you have in the fabric – it will contain all the same items, but you can put a much larger number of them into it. As you can see, in the “Maincraft” project, the mod on backpacks 1.5.2 is a very useful addition that will save you space in your inventory and save you from troubles such as creating chests around the world or throwing out the right items.

Using a backpack

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Now you understand how important it is to have thisfashion in the sandbox “Maincrafter”. How to make a backpack (1.5.2 version), you already know, now it's time to figure out how it functions. The backpack has four modes that you can switch with the right mouse button. The main mode automatically distributes the selected items between the various backpacks that you have in your inventory. If you switch it to blocking mode, you will be able to manually decompose items from inventory into backpacks, as they will remain in inventory. Receiving mode allows you to quickly download all the things that are contained in the chest, into your backpack, but the recharging mode is created in order to store in the backpack only surplus – all items will be in inventory, and when it will be freed from the backpack things will be immediately transmitted that fill the void.

Special backpack

The game also has a backpack beekeeper. It is made from a beekeeper's chest, standard four threads and two blocks of wool, and also of two sticks. Keep in it you can only bees in an amount of up to 125 pieces.

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