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Goats are one of the new mobs that were added to Minecraft along with the 1.17 update. Players will occasionally see these mobs around the map, and can interact by feeding them wheat.

Goats are considered neutral mobs in the game. This means that these mobs will only attack the player upon provocation. Sometimes goats will flee when attacked, but other times they will strike back by ramming head first into the entity.

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A goat will also attack a player if the latter stands idle for too long in their line of sight. Goats can only be found in specific regions of the game and can drop two items (besides Xp): a new meat called chevon or a goat horn.

In this article, players will learn how to get goat horns in Minecraft!

How to obtain goat horns in Minecraft

What is it & how to get it

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A goat horn is an item in Minecraft that is dropped when goats ram into a solid block. Up to two goat horns can be dropped from each adult goat.

Players can use these items to make a noise identical to the sound that is heard during raids.

These items were seen a little in the Minecraft 1.17 betas, and they are now fully released for the player to obtain. They can get goat horns by forcing it to ram into a solid block.

What players should do is, wait for the goat to get ready to ram into them, and during its ramming animation, place blocks in front of the goat before it hits makes contact. This will ensure that it hits the blocks instead of the player.

Players should note that not all goats will attack them. Some of them will be passive towards the player, and flee when they sense danger. It really just depends on whether the goat likes the player or not.

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It is not guaranteed that goat horns will drop every time one rams into the solid block. Players have a higher chance of goat horns dropping from screaming goats, as they are more aggressive than regular ones.

Where to find goats

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In Minecraft, goats are located mainly at higher world elevations, at a light level of seven or higher. Players will find them at the top of mountains or cliffs, however, it is important be cautious when approaching one.

Since goats are located at the top of mountains and cliffs, it is possible for them to ram players off, causing them to take fall damage and potentially lose all of their items. There is a 2% chance of a screaming goat spawning in each group.

Screaming goats will make loud schreeching noises, so they are easy to distinguish from other goats.

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