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Goat Horns are dropped by Goats in Minecraft whenever they strike a block in the game. Each goat can drop up to two horns at a time. Goat Horns in Minecraft can be used by players to make a horn noise. Using the horn results in the “eating” animation being displayed followed by a horn sound. You can use the Goat Horn as a battle cry. In today’s article, we’ll show you how to get horns in Minecraft with a few easy steps.

Where to find Goat Horns in Minecraft?

You can get Goat Horns in Minecraft by getting a goat to attack you so that they drop horns. The best way to get Goat Horns is by finding a screaming goat. These goats differ from ordinary goats as they sound different and are far more aggressive. Their higher aggression means they are most likely to attack you by ramming into you when compared to ordinary goats. You need to be patient, however, as newly-spawned goats only have a 2% chance of being a screaming goat. This means you will have to patiently locate a screaming goat, making the process slightly time-consuming.

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Once you do locate a screaming goat, the process to acquire Goat Horns is quite easy. You can provoke the aggressive screaming goat into attacking you, tricking it and causing it to strike a block in the process. Upon striking the block the goat will drop its horn. You can then repeat this process a maximum of two times until the goat can no longer use its horns.

Upon acquiring the Goat Horn, you can hold it in your hand and blow into it.

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An important thing to note is an unsolved issue that causes the horn sound to be repeated when used by a character. Also, killing a baby goat does not result in any Goat Horns or experience.

So there you have it. We hope you enjoyed this guide to getting goat horns in Minecraft. If you are looking for more tips and tricks on finding rate items in Minecraft then hit the link to read the wiki guide.

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