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How to get a Goat Horn in Minecraft

Posted: Sep 1, 2021 in Minecraft

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mc head By David


Acquiring a Goat Horn

First, you need to find some mountains. Usually, Goats spawn more frequently on taller mountain ranges. Be careful as to not stand near any ledges, as this is when Goats have the highest chance of being aggressive and ramming you.

Put the sword away, mongrel! Killing Goats will not drop a Horn, so don’t bother trying! The most efficient method of acquiring the Horn is by finding a Screaming Goat. This is a variant of Goat that sounds slightly different, is much more aggressive, and likely to attack. They sound slightly different, which is how you can discern them.

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Next, just wait until the Goat attempts to ram you, and then dodge it, causing it to hit a block instead. After the poor sod slams his skull against the unfortunately solid oak tree, a Horn will be dropped. A Goat can drop a Horn a maximum of two times.

Goat Horn Utility

When pressing the use button while holding a Horn, it will make a horn noise identical to the one heard in a village raid. That is the entirety of the functionality of Goat Horns.


Although this blog is a little underwhelming, I feel that it is representative of the Goat Horn in-game. It’s a cool item which is acquired in a fairly interesting way with a unique use, but overall it is underwhelming. I can definitely see how the Horn will be super fun in PvP and roleplay situations, so that would be nice. In any case, I hope that you learned something new. Have a great day!

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