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Goats are one of the newest additions to Minecraft after the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update.

This brand new mob is quite dynamic and, just like nearly every other Minecraft mob, goats can be farmed by players. There are some specific steps that gamers will need to follow when farming goats, though.

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The following provides Minecraft players with steps on how to create a goat farm in Minecraft 1.17.

A step-by-step guide to Minecraft goat farming

Step 1: Acquire goats

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Just like any other mob, farming begins with at least two of the same mob. Players must first locate two goats to get started.

Goats can be found in mountain biomes. Like sheep and cows, they are attracted to wheat. Players can hold wheat in their hand, luring the goat to follow them to the desired farm location.

Another option is a lead. Luckily, leads will work on goats and might make travel much easier if the journey is long.

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Perhaps the best method of goat transportation is via boat. Placing a goat in a boat and then joining them in it even earns players a new achievement called, “Whatever Floats Your Goat”.

Step 2: Build a goat pen

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Once the goats are acquired, building a secure pen is essential for a goat farm.

Goats are likely farmed to eventually be killed in order to collect their item drops. This is risky, because some goats will attack players upon being hit. To avoid this, goats will have to be kept in a manner that ensures player safety.

Additionally, goats can jump extremely high – up to a whopping 10 blocks. Therefore, a pen made out of fences would prove futile, as the mobs can escape easily.

Goat farms should have pens with roofs to avoid this issue. The base of the pen could be made of more sturdy blocks like walls. The roof should then be secured with full cube blocks. This roof should be low enough so the goats cannot escape, but high enough so they can still exist without suffocating to death.

Players can also use honey blocks on their goat farm if they’re able to acquire enough. Honey blocks can make up the entire floor of the goat pen, which will prevent goats from jumping high, if they do at all.

Step 3: Goat breeding

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Once a secure goat pen is created, the hardest part is over. Next, players can breed goats by feeding them wheat. This is to be repeated until the goat farm has a sufficient number of goats, which varies according to a player’s liking.

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Just like with any other farm animal type of a Minecraft mob, feeding the babies will make them grow much faster. Also, like pandas, goats can spawn in variations. These variations determine whether a goat is passive or neutral to a player or not.

Step 4: Collect items

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As soon as there are enough goats in a pen, players can begin to reap the benefits of a goat farm.

They can collect milk from the goats in the same way it can be collected from cows. Goats will drop mutton when killed, and will sometimes drop goat horns, which is a new item that will be added in the 1.18 Minecraft update.

Incorporating hoppers and chests in the farms always makes item collection much easier. Players can opt to include those into their build as well, if preferred.

Finally, be sure to continually breed the goats so the item supply does not run out.

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