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The latest Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update has been released by Mojang on June 8th, 2021. The new update brings three new achievements to the Minecraft Bedrock. The healing power of friendship achievement is one of them which will grant the player 30 gamerscore once unlocked.

The achievement cannot be unlocked without the help of the cute new mob added to the game, The Axolotl.

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Axolotls have been added to Minecraft in the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update alongside glow squid and goats. Axolotls are passive mobs that can be found in the ocean's depths and in the new caves where it is dark.

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This new amphibious mob cannot survive more than 5 minutes outside water.

Minecraft achievement: The healing power of friendship

The healing power of friendship achievement screen (Image via VidGamiacUnlocked)

To earn this achievement in Minecraft, players have to team up with an axolotl and defeat any mob. It might sound simple, but there's a catch.

Defeating a single mob is not enough, so in order to unlock this achievement, players have to defeat another mob after acquiring a regeneration effect by helping an axolotl defeat the first mob.

How to complete the healing power of friendship achievement in Minecraft 1.17 easily?

First of all, players need to find an axolotl with which they will fight the mobs. By using a water bucket on the axolotl, players can get a bucket of axolotl so that they can release it close to a hostile aquatic mob later.

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Next, they need to find at least two aquatic mobs like the drowned. Finding a drowned can be challenging and take a very long time, so a faster way of doing this would be finding a zombie and keeping it in water until it turns into a drowned.

Once the zombie has turned into drowned, the player can place the axolotl close to the drowned using the bucket of axolotl. The drowned must take damage from the Axolotl, but the finishing hit should be from the player.

The player will now get regeneration ability because they helped the axolotl, and killing the second drowned will unlock the achievement. However, this achievement is still a little buggish, as the players have reported having to repeat the process a couple of times to complete the achievement.

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