Top 6 Simple Minecraft House Ideas in 2021

Top 6 Simple Minecraft House Ideas in 2021

Minecraft doesn't limit its players to building houses and other places. But building huge and beautiful houses require a lot of time, material, and effort. If you are playing creative mode, then there is no need to worry about these things. But if you want to build a house for survival mode, then you must choose a simple Minecraft house idea that can be built with limited material and within a small time frame. In this article, we are going to list down the top 6 simple Minecraft house ideas that you can use in survival mode. These house ideas are simple and easy to build and look stunning from inside and outside. Each house idea comes with a tutorial to help you understand the whole process of building them. Each tutorial contains detailed information about every step to make this process smooth and easy to understand for you.

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1. Survival Starter House


This Survival Starter House is an amazing house that can be built easily. If you are a beginner in Minecraft and want to learn how to build houses, this simple Minecraft house idea is a perfect start for you. It is both simple and beautiful. Building this house will not require any kind of skill or expertise, you can easily build this house by following simple steps. The tutorial will help you throughout this process of building the Survival Starter house.

2. Simple Square House


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Simple Square House is the easiest and simplest house that you can build in Minecraft. It only requires basic materials and can be built without any hard work and or expertise. If you are looking for a house idea to implement while building a house in survival mode, then is the one that can be built in no time. This house contains three small rooms covered with glass and a farm. Follow the tutorial to learn how to implement this simple Minecraft house idea.

3. Simple Two Story House


This two-story house is a simple Minecraft house idea and is very easy to build. To build this house, you require some basic material and no previous knowledge of building Minecraft houses. If you are a new Minecraft player, then the tutorial will help you throughout the process of building this house. With this tutorial, you will learn so many techniques and patterns that you can be used in the future for building other stunning places.

4. Simple 5×5 House


In Minecraft survival mode, players have limited material and time to build large houses and to protect them. It is a good practice to build simple and easy to build houses in survival mode. This 5×5 House is a very ideal and simple Minecraft house idea for that purpose. Apart from being a simple house, it has an appealing and beautiful look. It has two stories, both with different entrances. The first story can be used to store material and in the second story, there is a bedroom. Follow the steps shown in the tutorial for a similar and preferred outcome.

5. Glass and Stone House

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Do you want your house to stand out from the crowd? This elegant and spectacular but simple Minecraft house idea will help you create a unique identity and appearance. It has a novel and sleek design that attracts the viewer. It only contains a single room which makes it easy to build in a short time. If you are in a hurry or want to build something with limited material, this house is the only idea you should go for.

6. Simple Compact House


If you are at the early stage of your game, building large houses will not be feasible for you. It is important to start your journey with something simple and easy. This Simple Compact House is a simple Minecraft house idea that you should try. It is the easiest house idea you can implement with limited material and without a lot of hard work. This tutorial is going to take you through each step with all the necessary information.


If you are a beginner and want to start building houses that can help you survive, then all the above houses are specially designed for you. Choose any of the houses that best suit your requirements and needs and seem easy and convenient for you. The tutorials will help you throughout the process of building these houses. So, choose any idea and let's get started.

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