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This Post Is Split into two sections, both kinda merged together, I say which steps are needed for which thing you are trying to accomplish, whether that be sounds or textures.Recommended Apps7-Zip(for textures: any kind of photo editing app, preferably one with the ability to use opacity. I suggest using this website)(for sounds: any sound editing software and a converter. You will need to convert sound files into .ogg files. I suggest using this website)I assume you know nothing and will start from the very basics.I don”t like mac or apple in general, they are crap, but please note that these steps should work for you just the same, it will just look different in your folders and such.  Okay, first things first, If you don”t want to hear why I am making this, you are okay to skip to step one in either section. Anyway, the reason I am making this despite there being other resources is that 1. all those resources are for earlier versions of Minecraft 2. Even with that, most of them were descriptive and or lacked steps entirely, and 3. I was stressed working for hours trying to figure out how it works. So with all that, I give you hopefully something to make your life easier.SECTION 1 (Textures, if you do not care about sound and just want textures, skip steps 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Unless you already know how to create the necessary folders and coded files, do not skip any other steps):*Note, while you can change textures, adding textures will not make them available or useable in-game, also note that the change in textures will not affect gameplay other than visually.SECTION 2 (Sounds, if you do not care about textures and just want sounds, skip steps 2 and 5. Unless you already know how to create the necessary folders and coded files, do not skip any other steps):Step 1. I am assuming you know nothing, so let”s start from the beginning. The very first thing you will need to do is find your .minecraft file. For window users, just press WIN+R and type “%appdata%” to pull up where you will find the .minecraft folder. For mac, you will need to figure that out yourself.1.Win+R then type “%appdata%”


3. Go into assets, then minecraft and copy everything in there (or just textures)


4. Paste what you copied in the original minecraft folder, not the second one, and after pasting what you copied, delete ONLY assets


Step 6. (If you are not interested in textures, skip this)After all of that, all you need to do is open the textures file, find the texture you want to edit, open it up in an image editor, make sure you save it in the same folder, with the exact same name, as a .pngAll you need to do is open up Minecraft, go to options, then press “Resource Packs” and find your resource pack and enable it. Going into a Minecraft world, anything you edited will be there, if you made any mistakes with naming files or messing up the coding, it may not work.

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Changing some textures may require specific spots to be colored in, if you fail to do this correctly, the texture may not load in your world.Once again, make after editing your texture, make sure you save a copy of the original, as you may not like the change you have made.Continue if you want to ADD sound/music to your game:*Note that any sounds/music you add may not work as intended after 4 minutes in lengthStep 7.First, you will want to go into the minecraft folder you created inside assets, and if you did not use the steps for textures, then it should be blank, if it is not, do not worry, it will not affect anything. The next thing you want to do is create a folder called “sounds” do not mistype, this exact name is important. Next, you want to create yet another .txt file, as we did back a few steps, just instead in the same folder the sounds folder is in. Ignore the new text file for a second and go into the sounds file you made. In this, you will want to make another file named “music” and then go into that folder. In that folder is where you will place your (non-zipped) .ogg sound/music files. Remember the name you give this/these file(s), capitals and special letters do matter, so be careful and avoid senseless mistakes. After that, go back a folder and back to the .txt file you made a second ago, open it up. You will need to place specific code in here for EACH sound you add, making one mistake can screw the whole thing up, so be careful.For one sound, you will want it to look like this:{“music.explode”: {“sounds”: <"music/explode">}}For the spots where you see “explode”, place the exact name of the sound you have in there WITHOUT the .ogg.If you want to add more than one sound, place this code directly after the second to last “}” in the previous code, so it should have the comma after the second to last }, so it should look like “},”:{“music.explode”: {“sounds”: <"music/explode">},”music.sound2″: {“sounds”: <"music/sound2">}}And keep adding this pattern for each sound you want to add, and make sure the second last } of the entire thing has NO comma after it. Here is an example with 3 sounds:{“music.explode”: {“sounds”: <"music/explode">},”music.sound2″: {“sounds”: <"music/sound2">},”music.loudRoar”: {“sounds”: <"music/loudRoar">}}1.Open up your .txt file (ignore the look of my code in my image, I already converted it to a .json file, which you will do in step 8) type in the correct code as shown above


2. If you want to add more sounds, add the highlighted code in the same spot for each new sound, makes sure the 2nd to last } has NO COMMA.


Step 8. (skip if you are here for textures only)You are at the final stage in all of this. The last thing you have to do is save the .txt file, go back to where it is, right-click it and rename it sounds.jsonYou need to name it exactly that. If your computer warns you about changing it, ignore it and press ok. If you wish to make changes or add more sounds, later on, get Notepad++, or anything else that can open it, just make sure it”s saved as a .json file and everything should be good.Step 9. (skip if you are here for textures only)This step is purely to show you how to load the resource pack in Minecraft. Open Minecraft, the settings, the Resource Packs, and click the resource pack you made and named to the right side, unless you did advanced stuff, it shouldn”t matter whether the default is on top or bottom. After this click done, let Minecraft reload, and open up a world, server, or realm. Note that added sounds or changed textures will not affect anyone on multiplayer unless they also have the packed installed. Step 10: I show you the command to play your specific sound.Type “/playsound minecraft:(the folder it was in).(the name of the sound) (How you want the sound to play as, music is ussualy best option) (who do you want to hear it, type in a specific player or do

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