Minecraft How To Bypass Security Questions, Resetting Security Questions

Mojang's security questions have permanently locked me out of my paid account after not playing for 6 months

I have been extremely busy with school but have just been given some free hours during the day and I booted up Minecraft to see that I can't log in fully due to not knowing my security questions I set 3 years ago and have never had to answer since that day. I have no clue what to do, I would rather not have to buy the game all over again. Mojang Support is incredibly confusing and unhelpful at this point. I do not have any proof of purchase for the game, as it was 3 years ago.

Đang xem: Minecraft how to bypass security questions

Sorry, but it is quite understandable that if you neither know the security questions nor have any proof of purchase you do not get access to the account. If support allowed that, it would be waaaaaaay to easy to take over an account.

Sorry to hear that you can't access your account. I would suggest continuing to work with the good folks on the support team; they'll keep replying to your emails and maybe you can do a bit of detective work together. It's their job to help out, but there's a certain base level of information they'll need in order to do that.

well.. I got an account as a gift from the good people of wtbblue.com, and one day it just ceased to exist. poof. can't login to launcher, can't login to website. since this was a gift from wtbblue.com, i had no information.. Even now I have another such account with the same problem, some other email address, user-pass my own. How can I change the email address? What can I do?

Hate to say it man, but that's your fault, not theirs. If your password and security questions are too obscure to remember, and you didn't write them down somewhere, that's not their fault.

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Yeah like im probably not gonna forget my mother's maiden name or my favorite Pokemon any time soon

3 security questions is a lot to memorize over 3 years and only using them one time. Not the fault of Mojang at all I was just looking for answers

I actually have the same problem… my brother purchased me the account about 3 years ago with his paypal account and his email. Both have been deactivated and I don't remember 1 of the 3 security questions… it really sucks as there pretty much is nothing I can do without the paypal receipt and the email to reset things on my account.

A few things:

Proof of purchase is sent by email (unless it was a gift code). Emails don't mysteriously disappear. I can still search for mine and it comes up. So if you lost it then I can't even…

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Secondly, security questions are supposed to be questions that you don't have to memorize, there is a reason they're not called passwords. I won't forget my birthplace, the name of my first dog, or my fifth grade teacher's name any time soon.

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