Minecraft How To Check Light Level, Lighting Your World

I can”t possibly be the only one who is tired of counting how far away the nearest torch is, Bedrock should have the option to see your light level on the HUD. There is already the option to display your position so I don”t think it would be too much to ask for something similar.

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Yes, it would be so simple to add something that displays the light level of the block you’re looking at.

If only you knewwhatthe community had to go through just to get coordinates… That”d be cool though

Maybe they would add an item that could be crafted that would show you the light level of the block you are looking at?

I also like the idea of adding a light level indicator, or even better, the debug screen onto bedrock

This would make my life so much easier I wish the entire debug screen was available in bedrock but light level alone would be a major improvement

Definitely need building a giant tree right now and really need to know where monsters keep spawning

I love the idea of being able to craft something! I understand how the F3 could be considered too easy, but something redstone powered and light triggered would be so helpful, and even has in-game precedent. Powered by light levels 8 and up for the block it”s occupying, so you can check those dark spots. I keep getting monsters in my big library and I”m going crazy counting blocks from areas that look dim.

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It would be nice to have the whole DeBug screen itself. But then again I like the idea of having it tucked away in your hud.

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it would be even better to have the same function like in java where you can press F3 and it displays the hud.

For real man. I’ve watched enough Java players access their data screens (Don’t know what it’s called because I play on Xbox) to know I’m tired of the fact I can’t do the same. All I want is to build a mob proof landscape. There are so many awesome tools to mob proof an area the only thing I’m missing the ability to tell the light level.

I have the perfect solution. If you are really unwilling to give us access to the same data points Java players have then give us a tool that can sense the light level of the block it is pointed at. Call it a portable light sensor or something. Or better yet give us access to the data. I don’t know why I have to be punished for playing on bedrock. You think your making the game more challenging or intuitive. The only problem is EVERYONE consumes Java content. stop kidding yourself. We expect java abilities. I have gotten countless people to enjoy wtbblue.com YouTube content. Only to find they don’t want to play bedrock because it’s not what they expected.

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