Minecraft How To Destroy Items, How Do I Permanently Destroy Blocks In Minecraft

Valheim is an expansive game that requires players to gather what they can and fit it into a limited inventory space. That means some items need to be taken out when players are out exploring and don”t have any extra storage.

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From the start, the base number of inventory spaces is 300. That number works for the most part, but it”s only a matter of time before players run out of space on a trip. Later in the game, in the Black Forest biome, Haldor can provide an upgrade that gives players 450 inventory space. Until then, players need to make the most of that space, and getting rid of excess items is part of the survival process.

How to destroy or get rid of items in your Valheim inventory


Valheim is a game in early access, and that means there are some features that are missing, despite them maybe being obvious additions. One of those features is a genuine destroy option, for items that players no longer want.

Instead, players are left with a few different options to work around the lack of a destroy button. The first way is to simply drop the items in water. It”s the fastest solution and requires the least amount of effort. But there isn”t always a water source readily available for players to just drop unwanted gear in.

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That leaves the second, more useful option, which is item stack splitting in Valheim. This method is the best for conserving as many materials as possible, but it relies heavily on having other players to split with. When inventory space is full, splitting a stack of materials is quick, and they can be distributed to other players in the world. It works great as long as they are willing to hold some excess items.

To split a stack, players simply need to open the inventory and choose the item that they want to split. Then, press shift and click on the stack. Anything in the stack will automatically be split in half, but a slider will also appear that allows for more precise numbers.

The last way to delete an item in Valheim is to use the console commands and essentially use an outside source. Players can drop all the items that they decide need to go, and hit F5 to bring up the console command window. First type “imacheater” and follow that up with “removedrops” to delete everything on the ground.

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Until a real way to delete items is added to Valheim, those methods are the best bets.

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