How To Turn Off Fire Spread In Minecraft How To Disable Fire Spread Ing?

I want to set a hopper on fire on Minecraft, but I don”t know how to keep it burning. Any ideas? (I”m not good with commands)



Try this command:

/gamerule doFireTick falseThis will disable all fire from going out, and will also disable fire spreading, but if the fire on the hopper is the only fire, then this is the way.

Đang xem: Minecraft how to disable fire spread

To turn fire tick back on, do the same command but change false to true.


Update to 1.13: the syntax and functioning of commands has changed (twice). It is now possible to combine all into one Repeat Always active command block:

execute unless block X Y Z fire run setblock X Y Z firewhere X, Y and Z are the X, Y and Z coordinates of the fire block, respectively


execute unless # unless (if … is not) block # the block at X Y Z # the coordinates fire # is fire run setblock # place a block X Y Z # at the coordinates fire # of fireResets the fire within 1/20th of a second after burnout, and is lag-friendly*. The command block can be anywhere. Here is a screenshot:


* as lag friendly as 1.13 can be

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