Minecraft How To Disable Mods On Forge, Attention Required!

I”m currently making a mod for Minecraft 1.8.8 via Forge and noticed that all mods in the Mod List, except for the MCP, can be disabled via a Disable button. Is this functionality something that can be coded in a custom mod via event handlers or other technique? Or is the ability to disable a Mod exclusive to the MCP?



Mod annotation, simply set “canBeDeactivated=true”. Only use this if you”re sure you won”t harm anything by suddenly disabling it, such as with GUI tweaks or chat mods.

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Also note that, as far as I understand the code, at the moment clicking the disable button does precisely nothing.

I hope clicking that button generates some event for which I hope one”s mod can have an event handler for and “deactivate”/unregister the stuff the mod does activates/registers.


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True but when programming a large project it is often the case that one feature isn”t fully implemented but it is good practice to handle or hook into it anyway so it works properly when one day someone does implement it. So if you wanted your mod to have disable functionality, you might as well hook into this (e.g. in this case put in the mod annotation).

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Furthermore, I”m thinking you should be able to actually make the disable do something, assuming disable just meant “do nothing” rather than a something like fully unloading the mod. Can”t you check for gui screen open event and then for button click events?

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