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This article is about the rideable minecart. For the wtbblue.com Dungeons entity, see MCD:Minecart. For other kinds of minecart, see Minecart (disambiguation).

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Height: 0.7 BlocksWidth: 0.98 Blocks

JE: 10

Minecart (1)





Minecarts can be ridden by pressing the “use” control on them. Once inside, an external impulse may be needed to make the minecart start moving. The player can slowly move the minecart forward while riding it, by pressing forward. If a mob walks in front of an empty minecart, it is pulled into the cart.

Players can exit the minecart by pressing sneak, however, if there is only one block of headroom above the cart, the player takes 1


of suffocation damage. When a minecart is exited, it searches for an adjacent or diagonal 2×2×3 area to put the player 1.5 blocks away from the cart. If none are available, the player is deposited directly above the minecart. Consequently, the player falls inside the minecart.

After rolling off of the end of a track, a minecart can be pushed around on open blocks. If a minecart is pushed onto or falls onto tracks, it “snaps” to those tracks. When riding a minecart, if the minecart lands on a rail, the player does not take any fall damage.

Unlike with beds, there is no message above the hotbar for attempting to enter a fully occupied minecart.<1>



Minecarts have a predefined speed limit of 8 blocks per second per axis of travel. A minecart traveling diagonally can, therefore, travel up to 11.314 blocks per second.<2> When a minecart comes to a turn it moves diagonally across that turn.

Powered rails powered by redstone give minecarts a boost of speed. Speed is gradually decreased if there are no powered rails to assist its movement, and an unpowered powered rail slows down a minecart rapidly. The speed decreases at a faster rate when going uphill, compared to when moving horizontally. A minecart does not need powered rails to assist its movement down a hill.

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Anything in the way of the minecart brings it to a stop. Once a minecart has left the track, it rapidly decelerates within one or two blocks. When mobs touch a minecart, they affect it in the same way a player would, i.e. mobs that move up against a still cart set it in motion.

If a minecart is moving fast enough, it can skip across one block without a track and reattach to track on the other side, at significantly reduced energy and speed. A minecart”s hitbox can skip turns if the minecart is boosted using enough powered rails.<3>

Merged minecarts

In Java Edition, two or more minecarts can be merged by pushing them into each other so that they overlap. Merged minecarts move as a collective, like a train, and can be useful for long-distance transport.

Distance traveled by empty carts starting at a downwards slope

This table shows the distance traveled by an unoccupied minecart on a downward slope, with a boost (or no boost). The most efficient way is to use only 1 boost at the bottom of the incline on the flat surface. Using 2 increases distance by about 20% or 1.5 blocks. All distance trends based on the height seem to be logarithmic.The carts started from rest, on a slope Height blocks up.

HeightNo BoostBottomBottom and TopAll boosts on incline and bottom
1 2.77m 8.77 10.8 10.8
2 4.59m 9.59 10.83 13.37
3 5.81m 9.81 11.66 15.12
4 7.04m 10.04 12.46 16.95
5 7.87m 10.87 12.29 17.95
10 11.65m 13.38 15.12 21.68
100 15.87m 17.05 17.54 25.34


Minecarts are about the same size as a block (1×1). Because of this, a ladder, door, or trapdoor prevents it from falling down a 1×1 hole.

Carts on rails also ignore collision in certain situations. A cart traveling uphill, downhill, or on a curve with a block placed in front of it, goes through the block.

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A player or mob riding in a minecart does not collide with or suffocate in any transparent blocks but suffocates inside opaque blocks.

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