How To Fill A Large Area With Water In Minecraft How To Fill A Lake

I have a huge amount of area that i need to fill relative to the player”s place. I tried typing /fill ~-80 69 ~-80 ~80 69 ~80 water which basically fills a 160×160 hole 1 block deep relative to the player”s coordinates, but that didn”t work because it said There is no such item id with name minecraft:water




I had a similar problem, so I wrote a mod to do it (and other things) for me.

Đang xem: Minecraft how to fill a lake

Grab a copy of the Builder”s Helper mod from,26612.0.html . This needs Forge and minecraft 1.7.10 or 1.8.

This comes with a “blueprint” called “water-table”. Give yourself the builder”s wand item, use /wand set water-table, then right-click the wand in front of the hole you want to fill. It will fill up with water to the level you clicked. It will not remove any existing blocks from the world.

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There is a similar plan to evaporate existing water, plans to build houses, glass dones, and so on, as well as copy existing structures.


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