Minecraft How To Get Infinity Bow, Infinity And Mending Book/Bow

I've enchanted a bow with level 30 like 9 times and I just cant seem to get infinity, is it easier to just fish for one or is there a better method?


Fishing yields bows with infinity fairly often. Use luck of the sea 3 if possible then repair bow on an anvil.

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I like to secure and build up a village to obtain a bunch of librarians to trade books. Then you can get infinity or mending or any of the books fairly easily whenever you want.

This is always the first mid sized project I do in a new world/location.

I tend to agree with this. Build up to 15+ librarians in your trading hall and you’ll never need to rely on fishing/ luck for enchanted books etc.

This is the most reliable way. I've been playing in the same survival world for 2 1/2 years now, been breeding librarians the whole time and have a huge library with more than 50. At least one cheap copy of every enchantment in the game, multiples of the super-important ones like Mending or Unbreaking III. It's way easier to trade with farmers and buy books instead of messing around with enchanting tables.

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skeleton farm.

build it so that they fall like 23 blocks and you can kill them with hand.

put a hopper to collect items there and just keep killing.

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ive gotten many infinity bows like that. also gives you decent xp to enchant

when i first read this i thought you were being sarcastic. i don't use infinity on my bows* because i have a skeleton farm** so i have more arrows than i know what to do with!

*a week ago i was “arguing” (you know — wtbblue.com discussion) with some people on the benefits of mending vs. infinity on a bow. i was staunch in the fact that i never use infinity. infinity still requires you to carry 1 arrow (waste of inventory), so what's the difference if i'm carrying 1 arrow or 64 arrows? might as well use mending. it's not like i ever run out of arrows!

fast forward to last night, when i've converted a nether fortress into a “wither skeleton hunting grounds”. i've been spending a lot of time in the nether hunting skeleton heads, and let me tell you, i am burning through the arrows! i actually ran out of arrows on one trip, had to cut it short and head home to reload. i now appreciate the benefits of infinity.

**it's not even a “skeleton” farm, it's just a general mob farm, but the thing collects so many arrows i have an entire double chest full of arrows (and one full of gunpowder, one full of zombie meat, etc)

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