I found a really cool tutorial about how to build a villager trader hall. It had a distribution system when villagers arrive by minecart, they are ejected by an activator rail and then they are pushed down to a “cell”.

Đang xem: Minecraft how to get villagers into minecarts

I didn”t notice, but the design was intended for a setup where the villagers are ejected to the right (i.e. they arrive from the vantage point of the screenshot). I built my hall in a way that the villagers arrive from the opposite direction, so they have to be ejected to the left. When I try to ride the minecart myself, everything works as expected (I”m ejected to the left and I fall into a cell. However, villagers are ejected in front of the minecart (as far as I can tell). Is there a way to hotfix this problem? The only info that I found is that Minecraft searches for the most suitable block uppon ejecting someone from a minecart. But the ejection of the villagers is unexpected, and I don”t understand why.

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asked Nov 21 “19 at 23:58


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From the wiki (emphasis mine):

Players can exit the minecart by pressing sneak, however if there is only one block of headroom above the cart, the player takes 1♥ of suffocation damage. When a minecart is exited, it searches for an adjacent or diagonal 2×2×3 area to put the player 1.5 blocks away from the cart. If none are available, the player is deposited directly above the minecart. Consequently, the player falls inside the minecart.

While this does specify this for the “player”, this is also true of the mobs, and in this case, the villagers.

So, what you can do (as Fabian Röling suggested) you can use transparent blocks to dictate the only “available” space to deposit the villager, to block off any other “valid” spaces (i.e. forcing the villager to be ejected to the left of the track).

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A player or mob riding in a minecart does not collide with or suffocate in any transparent blocks, but suffocates inside opaque blocks.


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answered Nov 22 “19 at 4:26


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