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Today, I will teach you how to install Resource Pack on any version of Minecraft. Before we start, let me give you an overview about them. Resource Packs, formerly known as texture pack is a bundle of small pictures (graphics) that change the overall visuals in Minecraft. Back in the day, Texture were only able to change the block pixels and their look but now, they support additional 3D items, music files and they can also be programmed with Forge mods. I won’t go in details since this post is solely about how to install Resource packs, here we go.

Activating a Resource Pack inside Mineraft

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  • Resource pack zip file
  • OptiFine or McPatcher (not necessary unless you are installing HD resource packs)

Every pack comes with a file with .zip extension. You just need to drag and drop the file into the resourcepack folder to start using it. They can in many resolutions, from 32x to 512x. If you have a 2-3 year old computer, stick to either 32x or 64x resolution of pack.

Installation Guide

  • Download the Resource pack zip file into your Computer. Do not extract it in any case.
  • Launch Minecraft with your favorite profile, go to Options > Resource Pack
  • Click Open Resourcepacks directory. That will open a new Window.
  • Now, drag and drop the ZIP file into the newly opened Window.
  • Head back to the Minecraft again, you will see the pack you just drag ‘n dropped, Click the arrow from the left side of it, then it will move to the right side.
  • Wait couple of seconds and your pack will be activated.

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This tutorial works flawlessly on lower resolution resource packs. If you wish to install a high definition pack, make sure you have enough RAM (memory) and OptiFine or McPatcher installed.

Drop a comment below, if you see any errors or you would like to add further details.

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