Minecraft How To Kill Witch, What Is The Best Way To Kill A Witch

There are many hostile mobs in Minecraft, among the most devious are the Minecraft witch. They are relatively uncommon, witches will use beneficial potions on themselves and attack with harmful splash potions. Witches look a lot like villagers except they have a pointy black hat and a wart on their nose. During world generation there will be witch huts where one witch will never despawn.

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HealthBehaviorAttack DamageDrops13 full hearts Hostile Splash Potion of Harming: 3 full hearts; Splash Potion of Poison: Poison for 45 seconds (half a heart every 1.25 seconds) for a total of 18 full hearts 0-2 Glass bottles; 0-2 Glowstone Dust; 0-2 Gunpowder; 0-2 Redstone; 0-2 Spider Eyes; 0-2 Sugar; 0-2 Sticks; 8.5% If holding a potion: Potion of Healing, Potion of Fire Resistance, Potion of Swiftness, Potion of Waterbreathing


Witches spawn in land biomes in light levels seven or lower. They may be seen accompanying their witch hut which can spawn in swamps. They may also appear in village raids. Keep an eye out for their purple robe and sinister laugh as they can be a formidable opponent if they surprise you.


Witches drop a lot of items. They can drop six different items at 12.5% each and sticks at 25%. They drop items that are common in potion brewing. The items are: sticks, glass bottles, glowstone dust, gunpowder, redstone, spider eyes, and sugar. Witches will drop 1-3 of these items in quantities of 0-2. They also have a chance to drop a beneficial potion if you see them holding one.



They have an 8.5% chance to drop the potion they were drinking. Witches can drop Potion of Healing, Potion of Fire Resistance, Potion of Swiftness, and Potion of Waterbreathing.


Despite their similar appearance to villagers they cannot use doors and even with their witchy profession, they cannot be seen operating a cauldron. They will not attack villagers or wandering traders.

Witches will attack with Splash Potions of Harming and Splash Potions of Poison. They will also drink beneficial potions to protect themselves from the player. They will aggro from sixteen blocks away and try to keep a distance of ten blocks. During combat the witch will throw potions every three seconds. They may use Splash Potions of Weakness or Splash Potions of Slowness if you are not affected by one of these effects.

If the witch is not already drinking a potion, it will attempt to drink a potion depending on what has happened to it. If the witch is on fire it will drink a Potion of Fire Resistance, if it is submerged in water it will drink Potion of Waterbreathing, if it is further than eleven blocks from its target they will drink Potion of Swiftness, and finally if the witch is not at full health they will drink a Potion of Healing.

Witch Farming

Witch farming works much like traditional mob farming, but works best around witch huts where only witches can spawn. Build a spawn platform around the bottom of the witch hut by marking the corners of the witch hut with blocks around the corners of the log blocks at the bottom. This will mark your spawn platform.



I am using cobblestone to mark the block below the lowest point of the witch hut, it is difficult to see through the swamp water. Build two blocks above this point and place another set of blocks around the corners of the hut. This will mark your second spawn platform. Do the same thing for the third spawn platform, you cannot have more than three due to the spawning restrictions of the witch hut. After you have the corners of your spawn platforms built you can break down the witch’s hut and connect each of the corners with a building block.

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Witches will spawn between the layers and you can flush them out with water into a fall damage trap or use stack twenty four minecarts in a 1×1 hole that can suffocate the witches. For the best efficiency you will need to prevent other mobs from spawning around this area. Flatten it with slabs or place torches everywhere to ensure the only mob that can spawn here are witches.

Enclose your spawn platforms and place water to push them out of the spawn platforms into your preferred grinder.


Use trapdoors to hold water and use tripwire hooks and redstone to connect the hooks to the trapdoors. This will allow the witches to spawn and activate the water to flush them out into your grinder. Do this for every spawn platform and have the water lead down into a hole with your grinder below.

Did you know?

If a villager is struck by lightning they will turn into a witch.

Witches can aggro onto each other due to their splash potions, but it is very difficult for one witch to kill another witch due to their constant healing effects.


How do you kill a witch in Minecraft?

Just like any other mob in Minecraft, they have a health bar that you can deplete with a sword or even just your fists. Approach them carefully and commit to doing damage so that they do not heal all the damage you have dealt.

Can you trade with a witch in Minecraft?


No you cannot trade with a witch. They are not villagers and they are hostile mobs that will attack you. Keep your distance from these mobs.

Can you turn witches into villagers?

A villager can turn into a witch, but a witch cannot turn into a villager. Try your best to ensure that your village has ample lightning storm coverage and if you want to avoid witches stay inside during a thunderstorm.

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How do you get a witch hut?

A witch hut generates naturally during world generation. You can use third party software and seed finders to locate witch huts in your world faster. Witch huts only exist in swamps and you can find a cauldron inside the witch hut which is full of a randomly generated potion.

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