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Minecraft is a sandbox game with many beautiful blocks and items such as Redstone that can make the player's build ideas functional. Redstone is a mineral in Minecraft that can transmit Redstone signals. This can be used along with other Redstone items to build functioning Redstone contraptions that serve the player's purpose.

Hidden entrances are one of the most famous Redstone contraptions in Minecraft. Most players in massive survival multiplayer servers (SMP) make secret entrances to hide their base in order to protect their precious resources.

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While it may not be necessary, it could be fun to make hidden entrances in single-player worlds for players that enjoy messing around with Redstone.

Steps for building an hidden entrance in Minecraft

Items required

Required items (Image via Minecraft)
  • 4 Sticky pistons
  • 7 Redstone dust
  • 4 Redstone repeater
  • 1 lever
  • Hoe

Finding the right spot

Flat land with an elevated area (Image via Minecraft)

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To build a simple hidden entrance, players need to find a flat land surface with elevated land next to it, under which players can hide their Redstone and sticky pistons.

Making the Redstone contraption

Required Redstone contraption (Image via Minecraft)

Players need to dig a 3×6 hole in which they will make their Redstone contraption. Place the lever and sticky pistons as shown in the image, then place all four Redstone repeaters behind each sticky piston.

Players need to make sure that the repeaters they place are facing the back of the pistons, and set the repeaters on three ticks by right-clicking them three times. Then, place the Redstone dust from behind the lever going into the repeaters.

Hiding the Redstone

Hidden entrance (Image via Minecraft)

Players need to cover the Redstone, sticky pistons and lever using dirt or grass blocks, and they can also use some bonemeal to grow more grass and flowers where the entrance is.

Accessing the lever

Barely visible lever (Image via Minecraft)

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Using a hoe on the dirt block in front of the lever, players can turn that dirt block into farmland. Doing this leaves a small gap between the farmland and the dirt block of the elevated land, and players can access the lever.

Pulling the lever will open the secret entrance, and then players can close the entrance from the inside by pulling the same lever.

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