Invisible Armor? : Minecraft How To Make Armor Invisible Armor For Aesthetics

The option to be able to show or hide your equipped armor, wings, and mob head separately. Disabled in pvp game modes and world option to allow it.

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I think if it was to be on a pvp server or realm you shoud be able to see an armor icon beside the players username but only be able to see it beside the players username if your sight is not obstructed by a wall and a number beside the armor sign will give the amount of armor on the player.

Problem with current design is that even on closed MP servers – where everybody knows each other – it”s still disabled. So we can”t turn off armor rendering even if we want to.

All these amazing skins on the market, and the second you make your first armor set they”re all hidden away for the rest of the playtime! Would love this feature just to have my “character” visible to myself and others.

I am less likely to spend money on skins or character creator items if they’re always going to be covered by armor.

This is one gripe I do have with the game yes, I really want to see this future added as skins (especially hd ones) can be really nice looking and the armor is, well… not that appealing indeed.It should not be a problem at all to have armor hidden if indeed next to your char”s name is an icon of said armor like Bitsof7 said.This would be awesome and is a future I for one also seriously want to see happen, that way you can look good/cool/the way you want and have no problem for those who pvp.The game is already about Customization so why not add more, Customization and Personalization are awesome things to do and develop further upon. 🙂

I just reluctantly bought the Antenna Headset item in the Character Creator with my Christmas gift money and was incredibly disappointed that it is not displayed when wearing head armor. The item cost $1.99 which is 25% of the price of the game itself, and no one can see it! I guess I could remove my head armor but then I make myself more susceptible to the constant illager patrols that have been spawning in my base village since the last update. This experience has unfortunately solidified my feelings mentioned in my previous comment about not wanting to spend money on Character Creator items that can’t be seen.

I hope this gets added too, at least the option to hide the helmet. Wish I could share this to the reddit, that would get this post so many votes

Would Be nice even if it was just a client side feature so that it wouldn”t effect pvp or other players just the user being able to see there own skin.

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I believe I have figured out a way to solve this issue (I too think that skins would be great to show off):

Have two toggle options:

Show/Hide personal armorShow/Hide other player”s armor

Both of these options would be player client side, so it only effects the player with the toggle! Then there”s no issues, and if a player wants to go into PVP, they can ensure the armor options are toggled to show instead of hide.

I agree with everything said in here, the new customizer is so cool, but its completely useless since the first thing we do in game is armor up and hide it all.

Please add an option to show/hide armor

I have a couple cool skins and would love to buy more of playstation but armor hides it all. Its really annoying that I can see my skin just because I want to be protected. They need to add an option so you can chose if you want armor to show or not.

Would love to see this added, I spent a lot of time making my character look the way I want them to and want to see the personality that my friends bring to their characters! It makes the whole experience a lot more immersive.

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I would absolutely love to see this be added, it should have been an option forever ago for all versions of the game. It kinda defeats the whole purpose of spending time customizing your character”s appearance if it”s just going to be covered up almost immediately. And, as has already been said, it also makes buying skins from the creator store pretty pointless.

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