Minecraft How To Make Mobs Fight Each Other, Mob Target Command

Is there a relatively easy way to make mobs attack other mobs, for example zombies attack other zombies? I have tested summonning a snowball as another mob over a zombie, so the zombie thinks it was the other zombie that hurt him, but it didn”t work at all, or I did something wrong.I”m playing in 1.16 (20w22a).I tested this command:

/execute at
e run summon minecraft:snowball ~ ~3 ~I also tested these commands, but they didn”t work 🙁

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Though this is not universal to all mobs, you could name a vindicator “Johnny”, and it would attack all mobs in its vicinity, except for other illagers.

Alternatively, you could try spawning a skeleton and a different mob, and going into Survival mode, running between the two mobs. The skeleton would try and shoot you, but you dodge it, causing the fired arrow to hit the other mob. This would cause a mob fight to be staged.

Đang xem: Minecraft how to make mobs fight each other

I hope these methods work well.


You can use the /team and make two teams and assign the mobs to the teams. The mobs will fight each other automatically.

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