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A command to force a certain mob to only target another certain mob, or a group of mobs. For example:

/mobtarget wtbblue.com:skeleton

/mobtarget wtbblue.com:enderman

(The mob that is to be targeted is in brackets.)


I love watching mobs fighting each other, but the only way to get them to fight is to:

1. Build a wither,

2. Name a vindicator Johnny, or

3. Use natural hostility (such as skeletons vs wolves).

Đang xem: Minecraft how to make mobs fight

I have spawned hundreds of mobs in the hope that they fight, and while I have seen some great battles, I have only ever seen three creepers explode. Also, I have never been able to get ghasts, guardians or drowned to fight in the battles because vindicators named Johnny and withers have a hard time attacking them.

In conclusion, I support and approve of this suggestion.

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WilderPT ☠☣<✞G҉A҉M҉E҉R-✞>☣☠ commented
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November 02, 2019 18:47 Report Comment

and if you added the ! like “/mobtarget wtbblue.com:skeleton ” it would attack everything except for the villager.

Andre Chen commented
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April 20, 2020 21:47 Report Comment

If this command affects natural hostilities, it might be a better idea to move that functionality away from a single command and toward datapack entity_type tags, where every hostile/neutral mob would have a tags that specify the mobs that they are naturally hostile and neutral towards. Then you could edit those entity_type tags with a datapack, which is a much more organized way of implementing the same feature.

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Swagmire5882 commented
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July 29, 2020 03:07 Report Comment

I like this idea. I think the format would be more customizable, and fit into vanilla better if it were /mobtarget
e . Then you could also do /mobtarget
e . Also like someone else said you could do /mobtarget
e to make a mob attack all mobs besides the ones you exclude. You could have command blocks set up to easily make a mob attack all mobs besides a group of different mobs.

Timothy Flamewalker commented
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November 09, 2020 14:48 Report Comment

I always wanted something like this . hope it gets added

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