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An interesting easter egg in Minecraft is making rainbow sheep. There is not much practicality in making a rainbow sheep, but it is a pretty mob to keep around special builds if you want. Luckily due to the game mechanics, naming a mob prevents them from despawning, so you can keep a rainbow sheep around as long as you want. This guide will show you how to make a rainbow sheep yourself. 

Required Materials to Make Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft

1 Sheep of any kind1 Name TagAnvil

To make a rainbow sheep you will need to locate a sheep to name first. To turn the sheep into a rainbow sheep you will need to give it a specific name in order for the sheep to change colors. Of course, in order to give the sheep a name, you will need a name tag. Finally, in order to give the name tag a specific name, you will need an anvil to change the name yourself. 

How to Make Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft

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Let’s start by getting a name tag. There are many different randomly-generated treasure chests in Minecraft that can generate with a nametag inside. You can find name tags in dungeon chests, mineshaft chests, and woodland mansion chests. If you are playing on Bedrock edition you can also find name tags in buried treasure chests. As most of these are fairly rare, you can often find a name tag by simply fishing one up. Use enchanted luck of the sea III fishing rod to get better odds. Here’s everything I caught before I got a name tag myself, try and figure out if you would rather fish for the name tag or loot one from a chest. 

Some of the methods will take longer and some will happen immediately as with most random encounters. Decide for yourself if you would rather take a chance with fishing, or take a chance with finding a generated structure. 

Regardless of your method, once you have a name tag you can use an anvil to change the name that the name tag will give. To make an anvil you will need 3 iron blocks and 4 iron ingots. 

Place your anvil down and open its UI. Use the leftmost slot for your nametag and click on the bar above the name tag. In order to make a rainbow slime you need to name it “jeb_”, it is case sensitive so make sure you do not capitalize the “j”. 

Now all that is left is to find a sheep to name Jeb. Right-click on any sheep with the name tag to make the sheep’s wool change color. 


The sheep’s wool will slowly change colors and behave like a normal sheep will. That is all you need to make a rainbow sheep in Minecraft.

What does a Rainbow Sheep do in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, there is no rainbow wool in the game. Other than appearance, the rainbow sheep does not have any special practical effects. The wool you shear off of the sheep will always be the color of the wool of the sheep before you named it. 


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Breeding two rainbow sheep will look at the parent’s base colors and the newborn sheep will take on a color depending on its two parent’s original colors. 


In this example, the two rainbow sheep were originally white so all of their offspring will be white sheep. You can change the newborn sheep’s color with dye or name it jeb_ to turn it into a rainbow sheep. If you want to change the color of wool that the sheep drops you can still dye it with whatever color you wish and shear it regularly. The sheep will remain a rainbow sheep, and it will begin to drop the color of wool you dye it to. Keep a rainbow sheep outside your house to add some novelty and cosmetic effect to the design of your house. 

In a Nutshell

Rainbow sheep is an interesting easter egg added by the developers to add some novelty to the game. There is not a practical benefit to owning a rainbow sheep as you cannot collect rainbow wool, or have a rainbow sheep supply every color of wool in the game. The rainbow sheep will always drop the color of wool that it was originally before you gave it the name jeb_. While there is not much to rainbow sheep, it is still a fun thing to encounter and showcases some thought or effort. 


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Congratulations, you are now capable of creating a sheep that seems rare and is quite a sight to behold. A rainbow sheep may not have much in terms of practicality, but it will still provide a cosmetic effect to your farm or base. While it may not drop every color of wool or rainbow wool, a name tag providing an effect is still interesting. Since named mobs will never despawn you will not have to worry about the rainbow sheep ever despawning. 


Q. What kind of wool does a Rainbow Sheep drop-in Minecraft?

A. The rainbow sheep will drop the color of wool it was before you named it. There is no rainbow wool item in the game, and even though the color of the wool changes slowly, you cannot use one sheep to collect every color of wool without dyes. 

Q. Why is it jeb_ to make a Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft?

A. Jeb is the name of one of the lead developers in Minecraft. The developers decided it would be fun to add an easter egg in honor of one of the minds behind Minecraft, and so rainbow sheep were born. 

Q. Can you breed Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft?

A. You can breed rainbow sheep in Minecraft, but the resulting newborn baby sheep will take on a color of the original color of the sheep before it was named. You can still name the baby sheep jeb_ in order to turn it into a rainbow sheep, but it will not become a rainbow sheep just because its parents are. 

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