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Villagers were added to Minecraftjust before the official release of version 1. Back then, they didn”t serve many purposes, and their villages were mostly used as a source of shelter for people starting a new world. Since then, they have become an essential part of the game, offering mechanics like trading, Iron Golems, and farming!

How to Move Villagers in Minecraft

Because of the mechanics they bring to the game, it can be helpful to move a Villager to different locations. The primary use for this is to position them for iron farms, but some Players also just want to move them near their base to have neighbors! It can get lonely in a single-player game. Below, we have explained all the different ways to move a Villager.

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The most efficient way to move a single Villager is by boat. Moving a boat on land does not decrease your speed by a substantial amount. If there is a river nearby, it becomes the fastest way to move a Villager over a long distance (so long as the river goes where you want it to go!

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To set this up, simplyplace a boat in front of a Villager as it”s walking. It can take some getting used to, but generally, they”ll pop right inside if it”s placed correctly!

Pros Efficient: An excellent method to move one Villager. This method is suitable for short, medium, and long distances. Easy: Only requires a boat and a villager! Fast:It”s only slightly slower than walking. It”s much faster than any other method if you can get the boat to water. Cons Maneuverability:This method can only go across an equal world level or lower. You cannot move a boat upward.



This method is generally used to get a Villager to move up blocks if you”re using boats. It”s not recommended to use it for long distances, as it is much slower than walking (due to all the stopping). To get a Villager to move in a particular direction over a short distance, place a job site nearby. When the Villager notices it, it will walk to it and change its job. Repeat as necessary.

Pros Maneuverability:This is the fastest and easiest way to get a Villager to go up to a higher level.

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Cons Speed:This is not a good method to get even one Villager to cross large distances. It”s generally just used in tandem with Boats.



This method is generally used to move multiple villagers to a new location. It is very productive but can be costly when it comes to resources. It can also be a hassle to set up. It”s difficult to get Villagers into Minecarts. Generally, the best method is to lay out the entire railway path, find a Villager in a small/limited space, then trap them until you can build the railway. You could also break out the blocks beneath them, but they like to move around before you can break the second block!

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You”ll see an example of this in the image above. These Villagers were caught in…well…their home. We built the railway into their home while they were…doing whatever. In the image below, one of the Villagers kisses the other goodbye on the cheek before being sent off!


Pros Speed:This is the fastest way to get Villagers across large distances (without water nearby). It works for multiple Villagers, and you can even send them all down the railway in succession. Maneuverability: This method allows you to move Villagers up to higher levels without the use of Job Sites. Efficient:This method is best for moving multiple Villagers in the same area to another location. Cons Resources:This method can be costly. However, you can break the rails when you”re done with them to re-use them. Difficult:It”s much more difficult to set up than any other method. Trapping a Villager can be tricky, and laying the rails can take a lot of time.

Apart from these three methods, the only other way to move Villagers is to bump them down a path! That method is costly, slow, and difficult, though, so it”s generally not worth it.

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