Minecraft How To Not Get Lost, 9 Ways To Not Get Lost/Find Your Way Home

So I hate wandering off and then not being able to find my house/base again. It just happened now, i absentmindedly started exploring, turned around and thought i was heading in right direction, but i wasnt. The sun started going down and then i remember my house faces the sunset, so i started walking away from the sunset and entered the snowy biome that i call home.Now im just wandering the snowy biome looking for my house, which is funny cause my house was on the biggest mountain in the area. =PAnyway, how do you guys not get lost/find your house again.PS I dont have a compass on this world i was using.

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You could get a of minimap mod and mark your home as a waypoint. Go to the “mods” forum and search minimap.


Rei”s map mob really is awesome. The trouble with the tall tower landmark is that sooner or later it”s going to be out of render range. With Rei”s you can set waypoints which will always guide you home.The craftable map in game is of limited value IMO as it doesn”t move with you and you can only own one.Of course only a trail of torches will work underground :smile.gif:

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Well, lets start with summarizing the facts.You are lost and can no longer find your home after being out exploring.You probably have not walked more than one days march away from your home (probably a bit less as you might not have walked in a straight line and you probably didn”t start walking at the break of dawn).Therefor your home base is no more than one days march in any direction.I would advice that you make yourself a small outpost shelter with a large land mark. Stay the night in your new shelter and start exploring at the next morning. Walk in a straight line in any given direction. I would advice that you take the N, W, S, E directions first as they are the easiest to follow. If you have not found your home by nightfall make another shelter, stay the night and walk back to your outpost.Bringing a bed might or might not be a good idea. Using the bed makes this much quicker as you can skip nights, but you will loose the ability to return home by suiciding.The next day you pick another direction and repeats the same thing.After you have tried the four major directions you can try walking in the SE, SW, NW and NE direction. When you move diagonal across the blocks you might run the risk of loosing the straight line so I will advice that you leave some “breadcrumbs” in the form of torches or cobblestone.Should this method fail you will need to start over again, but this time walk for two full days in every direction.

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