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I am planning on building a giant storage room in a library-like way with each section sorted with a category (like blocks, plants, misc, etc.), but i don't know how many categories i should have, and i would hate to build a room too small or too big (it's my first time actually planning something before building it), so any ideas on how many categories and wich ones i should build? (just saying here that size is not a problem since i'm building it underground)



First, I usually don't put all my chests in one room, but instead put chests near work stations to store items needed for that work. I have a storage room for end products (gear, building materials.) I suppose there's no harm in adding overflow chests for workstation supplies, so you could duplicate all the workstation chests I list below in your storage room.

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Smelting Area: Coal chest (can be part of an autosmelter.) Three chests for smeltable items: Sand, Netherrack, Miscellaneous (cactus, clay.) I stockpile these rather than process them all because I might have other uses, frex turning sand into concrete. I also have multiple chests for cobblestone.

Crafting Area: One chest for drops, one for metals, possibly a third for blocks used in crafting (Glass,) although currently, I have the last two combined. You might want to have separate chests for feathers, paper, and string, if you have appropriate farms. I wind up with tons of feathers in particular.

Brewing Area: One chest for netherwart, blaze powder, and glass bottles. Another for brewing ingredients. You might want to split netherwart off into its own chest, if you have a large farm.

Enchanting Area: One chest for lapis and books, as well as spare items to enchant.) At least one chest next to the anvil, for nametags and enchanted books. If you plan on getting lots of enchanted books, you can split them into chests for melee weapon, bow, and armor enchants, or even finer distinctions.

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Food: One chest for raw meat (in case I need it for trades,) one for ingredients (raw vegetables, wheat, sugar, milk,) one for cooked meat, and one for other prepped food (pie, cookies, bread.)

Dye Shop: One chest for dyes, sorted by color.

Armory: One chest for bows and arrows, one for weapons and tools. One chest next to an anvil, for enchanted items that need repairing (mob drops, mostly.) I have several armor stands in niches in the armory, but I also have a chest for spare armor that's been repaired.

Map Room: I store blank maps and copies of the wall maps, as well as close-up maps of areas of interest, in this room. How many chests you need depends on how you organize your wall map, however. If I have a 6×6 wall map, for example, with each map at the 4:4 scale (2048 blocks x 2048 blocks,) I have copies of the wall map in a double chest placed in slots that match the wall arrangement. I might then have a chest for close-up maps in each column (six chests,) or just one chest each for eastern and western areas.

The remaining materials can be in general storage, in separate chests for each of these categories:


Brick (can be split by brick type, if you have lots)

Cobblestone slabs, stairs, and walls

Decorative Blocks (concrete, terracotta, glazed terracotta, split if you have scads of each)



End Stone, assuming you have enough




Wood (alphabetized by tree type, one row per type.)


I store construction items like stairs, slabs, fences, gates and doors with the material they are made from, and banners/carpets with wool, but you could split these, too.

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My equipment and other items is in my storage room, too, in the following categories:

Redstone and Rails

Miscellaneous (boats, signs, ladders, etc.)

Helpful Potions

Harmful Potions (most splash potions)

The potions might be better split into finer categories, if you are getting a lot of them. I had way too many healing and swiftness potions before I even made my fire resistance and water breathing potions.

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