Is There A Way To Stop Ice Melting In Minecraft How To Stop Ice From Forming

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Mainly, I”ve been using an aqueous accumulator hooked up to a Redpower pump and grate system to fill in a large area of water. Unfortunately, due to lack of foresight, this is taking place in a snow plains biome, leading to the edges starting to freeze over. This really disrupts the filling, and so far I”ve been frantically circling the lake smashing ice, but the size is quickly overpowering me, and the ice is spreading too fast.I”ve tried using torches around the sides to stop ice from forming as it seems to only start on the banks, but it is somehow still freezing.Now when the lake is completely filled up, I can probably live with an ice layer if needs be, but basically, I was wondering if there is any machine or block which could heat up the water or just prevent the freezing?Thanks!
Yes, only water blocks exposed to the sun freeze naturally. You could also use a Wrath Lamp to light up (in Minecraft terms, also warm up) a large area.
Would the Wrath Lamp melt the already existing ice, do you think? Also, what”s the range/diameter on their lighting? SeniLiX, could you explain more your terra former idea? Thanks for the quick replies, guys.

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The Terra former is part of IC2 and is a machine capable of reforming the landscape.It”s probably one of the least used machines in IC2, but it”s actually great fun. A bit like changing the biome, but not really.More info can be found at the IC2 Wiki. It does consume a large amount of EU, but it”s a nice tool.I used it one time to change a snow biome into a desert.
Man, that looks cool. One question though – can you control the size of the affected area? Or is it the entire biome….because for some reason I inflicted Large Biomes upon myself, and to turn on a Desertification program would have a pretty big effect!
One machine is not enough to affect an entire biome. The range varies, depending on what blueprint you use. Try experimenting a bit in a creative world.
Will do! I”ll update this thread with my results
Just put a single solid block (hell I think glass will even work) directly over the water source blocks that are adjacent to the accumulator. That keeps the accumulator working. As for the overall ice layer, its a biome thing… You can try going to sky limit and put a layer of glass over the area that would prevent refreezing of the entire layer.

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Glass works to prevent freezing. A ceiling of glass will do just fine. You can even save yourself time and have a Filler place the glass.

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