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I just started playing again after about 2 ish years, and I found a pillaged outpost. Is it possible to make the pillagers stop spawning? I like the structure and want to expand it to make a base.

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I think if a bunch of pillagers spawn in one place, more pillagers won't spawn till the first bunch is killed. So maybe if you just imprison them, so they can't hurt anybody you should be fine

(don't take my word for it tho, I haven't tried it yet, just a thought I had)

Which Edition are you asking about, as the conditions are different.

Unfortunately the wiki lies:

In Java Edition, pillagers can spawn in illager patrols. Pillager patrols spawn a maximum of five pillagers (weight 55) or vindicators (weight 27) up to 200 blocks away from a village on grass or sand with a block light level of 0–8 and a sky light level of 10–15. Illager patrols spawn naturally throughout the day or night but after 5 in-game days.

I know for a fact that they will spawn on any surface, as my first encounter after the update was a group on my roof which is made of stair and slab blocks – and ought to be spawn-proof.

Lighting up seems to be the answer.

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For outposts, I don't think any new Pillagers spawn after the initial generation.

They will spawn more than one group upon initial generation for sure. I have seen them spawn up to 30 seperate groups. They respawn when all are dead. It seems to be random how many will spawn.

I haven't tried this in 1.14.1 yet, but in my 1.14 singleplayer world, the pillagers absolutely do continue to spawn in the outpost area no matter how many times I kill them all.

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I even put a boatload of iron golems in there to kill them for me when I got bored, and enough pillagers spawned to kill all my golems. (And by “a boatload”, I mean “about 40”. I was in creative at the time, because I don't like dying.) I got a collection of 2 stacks of banners, and that's just the ones that didn't despawn before I got around to picking them up!

I ended up putting a wall around that sucker in a 40-block radius from the tower (because 35 blocks wasn't enough to contain them), and set lava around the inside perimeter.

Image from wiki showing the ineradicable spawning area: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/File:Pillager_Min_Max_Height_Spawn_Platforms.png

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