Can You Tame Bats In Minecraft How To Tame A Bat S Or Ocelots?

Let's all be real for a second; bats are useless. Sure, they add a bit more character to caves, but that's it. They're just a mob that has no actual purpose except experience. Even the other flying mob that was added, Parrots, can be tamed. So, how can we fix this? Here's how I propose we do so:

Make them tameable!

So, first off: How would you tame them? Well, what do spiders in real life eat? Insects.

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And what insect is in Minecraft? Spiders! (Well, they're technically arachnids, but I'm pretty sure bats IRL eat them too.)

So, the way you would tame them is by feeding them spider eyes! After they're tamed, you'll see the normal heart particle effect you see when taming animals. Then, they will start to follow you around, just out of the way enough so you don't hit them by accident.

What purpose would they serve? Well, remember how I said they eat spiders in real life? Sure, the spiders in Minecraft are huge and are somewhat evolved from their smaller selves in the past, but one trait they kept was the fear of their predators. So, when bats are around, they now scare away Spiders! Just like how Ocelots/Cats scare away Creepers, and Dogs/Wolves scare away/attack Skeletons. You know you've been there, you're in the Plains biome at night, going about your business, when a Spider starts to come after you. You try to attack it, but 75% of the time you end up hitting the tall grass. Pet bats would fix this completely, making them run away as soon as you get near them!

How would we tell our bats apart from wild bats? Well, I was originally thinking collars, but their heads are a bit too big for that, so what if you could dye their fur? Not completely, but maybe just little tints depending on what dye you choose; and don't worry, Animal lovers, Minecraft dye is chemical-free and only uses natural resources such as flowers and naturally mined ores!

And lastly: What if I don't want my Bat to follow me? Easy! Just make a little perch for it! If you make a Fence block that is floating at least 3 blocks above the ground and right-click it, your Bat will go to it and hang upside down on the bottom of the block, to take a nice little nap!

And that's my suggestion! I just feel that Bats need more of a use in Minecraft, as pretty much every other mob in the game has one! (Including endermites; theirs is to be a risk/reward for using Ender Pearls, and that's a use.) Feel free to add on to the suggestion below!

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