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As you know, The Hunger Games in Minecraft is a fun competitive minigame that you can play with your friends, or play solo, but after some plays, it gets kind of boring, without a backstory, without the districts, anything, just the games, so logical had an idea, while he was playing a round of Survival Games in Minecraft, I thought it would be awesome to create a server of the hunger games where there would be a backstory. I have this BIG idea that is gonna make this server bigger than other Hunger Games/Survival Games Server. This project will immerse you to the real Hunger Games experience while playing, you will feel that you really are in the Life of Panem, the life where some districts are richer than others, where you fight for your death to win big riches. Each unique player will have the ability to choose their own district at the start, and live a normal life in each unique district. You will have different skills depending on what district you choose. In your district you will be able to do tons of stuff, you can buy property, buy a property with a pre-made home, you can go to the shop and buy/sell items, you can interact with people from your district, and a lot of other more stuff. There is a downside to living in Panem…

Every month a randomly picked staff will host a reaping where EVERYONE needs to attend. There will be 2 people from each server chosen randomly, then taken to the Capitol for a fight that only 1 tribute can be crowned Victor. The tributes will get some training before the Games so they can practice a new skill or a known skill, they will also get to talk to a mentor from their districts to ask for tips and tricks. In the Games, each tribute will be positioned in a different pod(you cant leave the pod before the game starts) There will be a countdown starting from 60 seconds. When the Games start, you have 2 options: – Enter the bloodbath – Go to the Wild

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A Cornucopia is located in the center of the arena, the Cornucopia has stuff that you might need to survive like food, weapons(or maybe water cans). If you go to the Cornucopia you can die in the bloodbath. If you die, you are going to lose everything you earned in your stay there in Panem, like money, abilities, everything! you have to start from scratch, a new life, a new story. If you are the last survivor in the arena, you will be awarded with huge riches and get to live in the victors' village. And you also won't have to enter the games ever.

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Planned Features for the Finished Server: + A huge world, that is an accurate representation of Panem + 12 diverse Districts each with unique architecture and buildings + A variety of skills to train + A full economy and market system in each district + A full property control system, to allow players to rent and buy houses or plots. + Ranks and Hierarchy for each district and members of the Capitol. + Huge, detailed and realistic arenas run by experienced Gamemakers. + A Roleplay aspect with the training academy, Mentors, and District Life. + A well managed, organized server system. + An accurate representation of the Hunger Games, right from the Districts to the arena (Reaping, Training Academy, Train Ride, Mentors) + And so much more!


  • Create every District in Panem (including District 13)
  • Create the Capitol
  • Create a Variety of Arenas for the Hunger Games
  • Decide (by-poll) on the full system and workings of the server, including ranks, permissions, and skills for each district.


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Thank you for reading through this post! I will try to answer to every application as soon as possible.

– TheLogicalGames

The Districts Founder

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