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Guns are not a feature native to Minecraft, they never have been and almost definitely never will be. Despite this fact, not all hope is lost for those wishing to bring firearms into their favorite blocky universe.

Minecraft servers can utilize a variety of different server-side plugins to add guns right into the vanilla Minecraft client. All Minecraft servers in this list have the epic feature of guns that players can use at their will, with absolutely no mods required.

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To reiterate, there is no modified client needed to join any of these servers. All servers mentioned in this article can be joined with any regular Minecraft game client.


#1 GUN COLONY – IP: wtbblue.com

Image via Gun Colony

Gun colony is a Minecraft server based solely around the implementation of different guns inside several Minecraft game modes. Unlike other Minecraft servers with guns, the firearms on Gun colony are not simply just an additional extra game feature thrown on. The entirety of the concept of the server actually revolves around the guns themselves.

Gun colony claims to be the “best Minecraft guns server in the world.” Their justification behind this statement is the fact their gun plugin and mechanics are all completely custom developed. Gun colony has also created and modeled all of the content related to guns on the server by themselves.

The depth of the guns on this server is awe-inspiring, with a mind-blowingly impressive depth for a mere Minecraft server. Factors such as bullet drop, bullet spread, damage drop-off, and of course recoil are all considered when shooting guns on the server.

IP: wtbblue.com


Image via NavalBattleZone

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NavalBattleZone isn't just a typical Minecraft guns server. In fact, the concept of simple guns may be found least impressive among the vast array of features this server has to offer.

The NavalBattleZone server acts as a sandbox type battleground in which players may build and use their own Aircraft carriers, tanks, or submarines. Players can even operate AA guns and fire missiles.

The sheer thought that this all can be done within Minecraft is outstanding, but the fact that NavalBattleZone doesn't even require players to download a modified Minecraft client to play really sets it apart from other servers and cements its spot in this list.

IP: wtbblue.com


Image via HavocMC

HavocMC is a one-of-a-kind Minecraft server with guns. The game mode on the server has the premise such zombies are in the process of taking over the world. Players must use guns on the server to fight off brain-hungry zombies and progress further in the story.

Guns on HavocMC, however, can also be used in PvP combat against other fellow zombie surviving players. In the PvP zone, players wield firearms that take hours of grinding to obtain with them into combat and battle it out to the death. Describing HavocMC as intense would be an understatement.

IP: wtbblue.com


Image via MC Ball

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MC Ball is a terrific example of a unique idea executed well on a Minecraft server. The premise of MC Ball is to implement paintballing within the world of Minecraft. Players can utilize paintball guns and participate in classic games such as free-for-all and capture-the-flag.

MC Ball offers a radically different assortment of paintball gun types mimicking real-life firearms to accommodate for different play styles.

IP: wtbblue.com


Image via Yom Network

Yom Network is a Minecraft server with guns best known for its custom “InfectedRPG DayZ” mode. This mode enlists players into an epic story in which they start with nothing inside a zombie-infested wasteland. Over time players level up by fighting off zombie hordes with, of course, a wide arsenal of firearms at their side.

An interesting feature about Yom Network is the diversity of the weapons offered to players. The server boasts a huge arsenal of over 200 weapons, including swords and even nuclear bombs.

IP: wtbblue.com

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