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Minecraft Survival is likely how Notch envisioned Minecraft multiplayer would be played when he implemented the feature into the game over 10 years ago.

Minecraft survival servers can stay true to the game or choose to implement their own twists through server-side plugins to alter the classic survival experience.

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This article will list some of the best Minecraft survival servers in Java edition, with a selection of servers ranging from strict vanilla survival to heavily modified servers that attempt to evolve the much-adored game mode.

Best Minecraft Survival servers for Java edition

(NOTE: Servers are not ranked in any particular order)


SimpleSurvival is a fun and friendly server that primarily focuses on vanilla 1.16 survival. The server has a few plugins to enhance gameplay while still staying true to the vanilla aspect.

This is ideal for players who are looking for a more refined and laid-back Minecraft survival server. There is a strong sense of community on the SimpleSurvival server, and everyone is welcome.


Purple Prison is a highly modified survival-esque Minecraft server. Upon joining Purple Prison, players start at the lowest rank. They must level up in order to escape the prison and be freed to a survival-based world. The concept and server is an absolute thrill to experience, with PvP being an extremely active part.

Purple Prison also has an uptime of over 6 years and has hundreds of players coming back daily. Players can, therefore, be confident of investing time into a serious community here without the worry of the server going anywhere.


Image via AppleCraft

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AppleCraft is a 1.16 focused semi-vanilla survival server, which means there are some plugins installed to enhance the default vanilla experience.

Some of the plugins that AppleCraft utilizes to enhance survival are land protection (to protect from griefing), a universal /spawn command and a /sethome command for players to get back to their home easily. Other than that, everything else is vanilla Minecraft.


MineWind is another 1.16 survival server. This server tries to stay as true as possible to the default vanilla Minecraft game mode without any plugins on the server.

A unique feature of MineWind is the fact the server has no moderators, admins, or in-game staff whatsoever. Everyone is free to do as they please; the only rule on the server is absolutely no cheating.


Image via SurviveWithUs

SurviveWithUs is a semi-vanilla Minecraft survival server that has several features that distinguish it from the crowd. A few key features include weekly events, custom bosses, quests, and trading.

The server also claims to “never reset”. Hence, users can play in the confidence that their hard work won't be wiped in the near future.


Aspira MC is an epic Minecraft survival server, going over 8 years strong now. The server has a strict no-griefing policy and features some seriously breathtaking builds.

Some unique twists that the Aspira MC server offers to the classic survival mode include Jobs, Duels, and a custom “coins system” which is used as an in-game bartering tool with other players.

#7 MOX MC, IP:

Image via Mox MC

MoxMC is a laid-back and chill Minecraft towny server with heavy vanilla survival elements. On the server, players can form and develop their own town or join another (with approval from the town mayor, of course).

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The server does not take itself too seriously. The tightly wrapped community is full of memes and inside jokes.


OhhGee is a dedicated and unique Minecraft server that attempts to take long-time Minecraft players back to the days of 2012, emulating popular land-claiming mechanics of early survival servers.

The OhhGee server is not plagued with modern and unnecessary features like some of its peers. The server offers a few community warps, land-claiming to protect builds and that's about it; everything else is vanilla.


EarthMC is a truly mind-boggling concept that just has to be featured on this list. The server is a sandbox survival world, based on the planet Earth, which has been translated into the game.

EarthMC allows players to claim and run their own countries and engage in geo-political relations with each other, all within the blocky realm of Minecraft. Currently, the server boasts a massive 2000 towns and is still growing.

#10 VULENGATE, IP: wtbblue.comNGATE

Vulengate is a quality community-focused Minecraft survival server, in which the ‘keep inventory' setting is turned on. This means that when players die, absolutely nothing is lost; they respawn with everything intact. This gameplay design is bold but will appeal to some players.

Vulengate also offers a community-driven economy with custom shops that can be created by players and popular plugins such as mcMMO to enjoy.

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