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Sometimes, Minecraft can be heavy on processors and GPUs. Low-end gamers face performance issues when trying to run this game.

Minecraft has always been a low-end game, but after ten years of updates and changes, the game has become quite CPU-heavy. The upcoming Caves and Cliffs update is going to deeply affect the world generation in Minecraft too.

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Mojang has updated Minecraft's minimum requirements in their most recent snapshot. Optimization mods in Minecraft help low-end players run Minecraft on their computers. These mods change the game's texture and resources, and they also increase the overall performance of Minecraft.

Try these five optimization mods to enjoy a better frame-rate in Minecraft.

Five Best Minecraft mods for Optimization

#5 – Chunk Pregenerator

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Chunk Pregenerator is a Minecraft mod that pre-generates new chunks in the world. Players may load many chunks while traveling or flying using elytra. Loading many new chunks at once can put an immense load on the client.

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This mod pre-generates chunks in the world without putting much load on the client. After using this mod, players can enjoy traveling and flying without facing any lag. Chunk Pregenerator can also be used on multiplayer servers.

#4 – BetterFps

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Betterps makes various improvements to boost performance and frames in the game. It used to be one of the most essential mods for performance in Minecraft. BetterFps works around different algorithms like sin() and cos(), which boost performance depending on the user's hardware.

BetterFps improves various in-game mechanics, such as beacons,hoppers, and fog. This mod also affects Minecraft's memory preallocation to give players a boost in performance. BetterFps works on both the server and client-side. Unfortunately, this mod works better with older versions of Minecraft.

#3 – Phosphor

Image via Minecraft

Many players do not know how much lighting can affect game performance in Minecraft. Phosphor is a free open-source mod that optimizes the lighting engine of Minecraft. Players can install this mod on both the client and the server. This mod reduces the time Minecraft takes to generate chunks and reduces frame stuttering in the game.

This mod is completely free to use and boosts performance on single-world and multiplayer servers. Phosphor increases frames without affecting graphics and animations.

#2 – Optifine

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Optifine is a famous optimization mod in Minecraft. This mod is popular among players due to shaders. Some players may not know that optimization can also be used to reduce game lag and increase frames.

Optifine offers various in-game video settings to reduce the game's graphic quality, like removing clouds, lowering the texture quality of leaves, and more. These changes affect Minecraft's original designs and textures, but improve performance and FPS by a large margin.

#1 – Sodium

Image via jellysquid_

Sodium is an open-source rendering engine that replaces Minecraft's original client. Sodium is known for improving frame rates by up to 400%. Many players have reported a massive increase in frames and performance after using sodium. Unlike Optifine and other mods, sodium does not boost FPS by reducing the game's overall quality.

The mod offers a modern OpenGL rendering pipeline for better chunk rendering on low-end computers. Players will experience the same old Minecraft textures and graphics but with better frames. This mod runs on Fabric API, a mod engine similar to Forge. Players will have to install Fabric API to use Sodium mod.

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