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With the much-awaited Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update around the corner, players are eager to learn about many of the latest and greatest features.

Revealed as part of the Minecraft Live 2020 special event, the lightning rod is set to be added as part of the vast 1.17 update.

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Everything to know about Lightning Rods in Minecraft 1.17

When were Lightning Rods added to Minecraft?

Lightning rods are set to be officially released as part of the 1.17 update.

They were added to the snapshot version 20w45a of Minecraft, with their texture changed to more closely resemble that of copper blocks in the subsequent version 20w46a update.

What do Lightning Rods do in Minecraft?

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Just like in real life, the primary purpose of lightning rods in Minecraft is to divert lightning. Meaning lightning is kept firmly away from flammable builds, objects, mobs, and villagers.

This allows players to build the outsides of their houses with a greater range of materials, without having to worry about a massive fire starting in the case of a lightning storm.

The lightning rod works by redirecting any and all lightning strikes in a 32 block radius (64 blocks on Bedrock edition) away from its intended target and instead onto the lightning rod directly. The lightning rod will glow a bright-hot white when struck by lightning, as seen below:

A white-hot lightning rod in Minecraft

How to make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft?

Crafting a lightning rod in Minecraft is fairly simple, and only requires 3 copper ingots.

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Players must then use a crafting table to arrange these 3 copper ingots on top of one another, in the exact same fashion as seen below:

Crafting recipe for a lightning rod in Minecraft

How to use Lightning Rods in Minecraft?

Lightning rods can be placed down in pretty much the same way as any other block in the game.

Players can choose the optimal location to place a lightning rod, while keeping in mind that it will only protect around a 32-block radius (64 on bedrock edition).

A good place to put a lightning rod is inside a village. This is because it will save villagers from turning into witches, which will give players a brand new achievement, titled “Surge Protector”.

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