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Main wtbblue.comMinecraft Dungeons not in the right language? Read our guide below to find out how the language is determined, the supported languages, and how to change the language.

Languages Supported in Minecraft Dungeons

Console is Based on System Language

Intro wtbblue.comOn consoles, the language is automatically set to whatever the language is set on the console's System Language if supported. If your System Language is not supported by the game, it will default to English.

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PC has a Language Setting


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On PC, when first starting the game, you will be asked to choose the language you would want the game in. You can later change the language in the settings.

Supported Languages For Minecraft Dungeons

Language Interface Full Audio Subtitles English (United States) Yes Yes Yes English (United Kingdom) Yes Yes Yes French Yes Yes Yes German Yes Yes Yes Japanese Yes Yes Yes Italian Yes No Yes Korean Yes No Yes Spanish (Spain) Yes No Yes Spanish (Mexico) Yes Yes Yes Russian Yes No Yes Swedish Yes Yes Yes Portuguese (Brazil) Yes Yes Yes Portuguese (Portugal) Yes No Yes Polish Yes No Yes

Not all Supported Languages Have Full Audio

All the supported languages listed will have both interface and subtitles supported, but not all of them will have audio supported and will have English audio instead.

How to Change Language Settings


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Language wtbblue.comFor the console version of Minecraft Dungeons to change languages, you will need to change your System Language in your System Settings. This will require the game to close for the language to change. So you want to make sure you are not in the middle of a mission.

  1. Quit the Game
  2. Go to your System Settings
  3. Change your System Language


Language setting (1).pngFor PC, it is pretty easy to change the language as it is done in-game.

  1. Open the Settings Menu
  2. Open the Game Menu
  3. Go to Language Select then choose your language

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