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Lucky Blocks in Minecraft is a feature that adds a new block to the game. When destroyed by a player, it executes a random event.

This random event can be good or bad. For example, players could be pleasantly greeted with a gift of many diamonds or may find themselves plagued by poison damage.

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Lucky block adds a spice onto any Minecraft server and offers a fun little twist on many gamemodes. The best Lucky Block servers listed here are online for players to join 24/7 and feature a great dedicated server administration team if players need any assistance.

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The best Minecraft Lucky block servers to join.

#1 Purple Prison – IP:

Purple Prison is one of the best Minecraft lucky block server.s

Purple Prison is one of the most popular Minecraft prison servers. The server also features Lucky Block, which naturally spawn inside the many prison mines at random.

Lucky Blocks on the server have the chance to give powerful rewards to players who discover them. Some of these rewards include: crate keys, rare armor, and in-game money.

Alongside these blocks, Purple Prison sets out to create the most thrilling mining experience for players. This is done with custom features such as: token rewards for mining, explosive pickaxes, and random rewards given every 1000 blocks mined.

#2 BlocksMC – IP:

BlocksMC is the best Minecraft server to play lucky block wars.

BlocksMC is a large Minecraft network and offer a game mode called “lucky block wars.” In this game mode, players can play a SkyWars type game mode, where Lucky blocks are highly prevalent throughout the map.

When found, these Lucky Block can massively shift the game's tide through granting players unique abilities, spawning monsters, giving all players items, and much more.

#3 Treasure Island – IP:

Lucky blocks can be found on the treasure island server.

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Treasure Island is a Minecraft server that offers several different gamemodes such as survival, fantasy, skyblock, and creative. The server is strictly Minecraft version 1.16, meaning players will need to switch to this version themselves to connect.

The fantasy game mode, in particular, is the mode those interested in playing lucky blocks should join after connecting to the main treasure island server, of course.

The wonderful and unique fantasy game mode contains the implementation of lucky blocks for players to find within a fantasy kingdom map.

Inside these Lucky Blocks, magical loot can be found, containing rewards ranging from harmful spells to powerful mythical armor.

#4 Lucky Skyblock – IP:

Lucky SB is a Minecraft skyblock server with lucky blocks.

Lucky Skyblock is a Minecraft skyblock server built solely with the concept of Lucky Blocks in mind. This means all other gameplay and mechanics revolve around Lucky blocks in some way.

As one would then expect for a server like this, the range of rewards for harvesting lucky blocks are extremely vast. Said rewards include many tricks and treats that can affect players within a skyblock general skyblock setting.

Something awesome about this server is that players can exchange their Lucky Blocks with others through the in-game player shop system the server has setup.

This ultimately gives players a choice if they want to take the risk of opening any ucky Blocks or instead turn them in for a quick guaranteed profit.

#5 Cubecraft – IP:

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The community's massive Minecraft server, as the Cubecraft network, has recently come up with its own skyblock style game mode, featuring heavy implementation of Lucky Blocks' mechanics.

Specifically, the game mode is called “Lucky block islands.” As one may expect, players can obtain Lucky blocks for use on their own personal skyblock island.

Unlike many other servers, Cubecraft has decided to allow players to turn off bad luck mechanics. This is done through enabling something called “blessed mode.”

In this mode, Lucky Block, a player finds has no chance of something harmful, making the server a perfect choice for players less familiar with Lucky Block's concept.

For players looking for more lucky block servers, refer to this helpful, dedicated list of Minecraft servers.

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