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Minecraft roleplay servers are one of the most popular types of servers, with the best ones attracting thousands of logins on a daily basis.

For those unfamiliar with the Minecraft roleplay genre, Minecraft roleplay servers allow players to take on a unique fictional persona while interacting with other players inside a fantasy setting. There are limitless possible themes for Minecraft roleplay servers, ranging all the way from modern city roleplays to medieval magical kingdom roleplays.

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The best roleplay servers often incorporate deep lore, encourage character customization, and utilize a variety of server-side plugins. This ultimately results in unique roleplaying situations that would often be unseen in more conventional Minecraft servers.

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Most suitable servers for roleplaying in Minecraft

1) Purple Prison

Purple Prison takes on the setting of a grueling futuristic space-jail

With an uptime of over seven years and millions of unique players having joined, Purple Prison has remained one of the most popular servers in all of Minecraft.

Gameplay-wise, players roleplay as prisoners sentenced to life within a lawless jail planet ruled by evil alien overlords. With a large focus on the underground economy, players must earn and save up enough money to eventually escape the forsaken prison.

Money can be earned in many different ways, the most popular of which is laboring away in one of the many prison mines. If this sounds a bit boring, players can instead opt to earn their coins by starting lucrative black market businesses.

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2) SchoolRP

School roleplays have quickly become a popular trend among various Minecraft roleplaying servers, of which the SchoolRP server is firmly the most popular.

Taking on the form of a fictional Japanese school, SchoolRP players act out the role of joining as a new student, slowly progressing through five different academic grades.

Players can create and customize their own fictional high-school character, attend classes, make new friends, enjoy extra-curricular activities, go on dates, and play the personality they've always wanted to within a high-school setting. Long-term players can even apply to become a teacher helping run the school.

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3) Wynncraft

Wynncraft is another highly recognizable server, currently one of the most popular Minecraft servers to exist, boasting thousands of concurrent players at peak hours of the day.

Wynncraft will suit those looking for a roleplay experience focused on a fantasy/magic RPG setting. Featuring a unique class-based system, players are free to roleplay their individual stories by completing quests, exploring vast lands, leveling up specific skills, and gaining notoriety.

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4) Potterworld

Explore the depths of Hogwarts in the Potterworld Minecraft roleplay server

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Based on the worldwide hit franchise of Harry Potter, Potterworld aims to bring J.K. Rowling's books to life through the power of Minecraft roleplay.

Mainly set inside a full-scale replica of the famous Hogwarts castle, players roleplay as students within the school of magic, learning things like spells and alchemy, and playing games of quidditch, of course.

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5) Democracy Craft

Last but not least is a Minecraft roleplay server perfect for any modern capitalist, Democracy Craft. Completely self-governed by its players, the Democracy Craft server aims to bring modern life to Minecraft through perhaps the most in-depth city roleplay ever seen.

Just like the real world, it costs to enjoy the finer things in Democracy Craft, and roleplay revolves heavily around the economy. Players can earn a stable income by working one of many jobs or instead decide to risk it big by starting their own business, hiring and firing other players along the way.

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