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Originally pioneered by Hypixel, Bedwars has transcended being confined to the Java Edition, becoming highly popular within Minecraft Bedrock Edition servers.

For those unaware, Bedwars is a gamemode that pits players against each other, typically in teams of four. Players can equip swords, bows and arrows, and armor, with the goal of destroying the enemy team's bed while also protecting their own.

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The best Minecraft Bedrock servers for Bedwars have hundreds, if not thousands of players, good mechanics, and unique maps. This list will highlight the absolute best of such Bedrock servers for players to join.

Note: The Minecraft servers below are in NO particular order, and only reflect the opinions of the editor. Views of others may differ!

Top 5 best Minecraft Bedrock servers for Bedwars in 2021

#5 LBSG Bedwars – IP: wtbblue.com:19132

LBSG is a popular Bedrock server that offers Bedwars

LBSG is one of the most popular Minecraft Bedrock Edition servers, with thousands of players playing at all times of the day. LBSG features several different well known and popular gamemodes like Skyblock, Factions, Kit-PvP, and of course, Bedwars.

Bedwars on LBSG allows players to play Bedwars as a solo, duo, or in quads. LBSG also features a neat map voting system, which allows players to vote for their favorite maps before the game begins.

#4 CubeCraft Games – IP: wtbblue.com

EggWars is CubeCraft

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CubeCraft is an OG Minecraft server that will need no introduction to long-time players. With an uptime spanning over 8 years, CubeCraft began its life solely on the Java Edition of Minecraft. As of 2021 however, the server fully supports Bedrock as well.

Bedwars, on CubeCraft, is called “EggWars.” It has all the mechanics, objectives, and feel of the much familiar Bedwars mode. Players protect eggs instead of beds.

#3 Mineplex – IP: wtbblue.com (or wtbblue.com)

Players can enjoy Cake Wars on Mineplex, which is very similar to Bedwars

Mineplex is a massive Minecraft server network which once held the title of the world's most popular Minecraft server. Despite its glory days being in the past, Bedrock players will be thrilled to learn that the server now accepts Bedrock clients.

Those looking for a Bedwars-esque gamemode in particular will want to check out the “Cake Wars” gamemode offered by Mineplex, which is their unique take on Bedwars.

Many players prefer Cake Wars to regular Bedwars due to slight variation in the things available in the upgrades shop, such as snowballs, bear traps, and other useful custom enchanted items.

#2 HyperLands – IP: wtbblue.com:19132

Hyperlands is another great Bedrock Server to play Bedwars

Despite being a relatively new server, Hyperlands is quickly cementing itself as one of the best places for Bedrock players to enjoy PvP-related gamemodes, such as Bedwars, Skywars, Bridge, and Duels.

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Known for their low latency network and optimized servers for PvP, players can rest assured that they will experience minimal lag issues while connected to Hyperlands.

#1 NetherGames – IP: wtbblue.com:19132

Minecraft Bedrock Edition players flock to NetherGames for Bedwars

Dubbed the “Hypixel of Minecraft Bedrock,” NetherGames is one of the most popular flagship Minecraft Bedrock servers, boasting tens of thousands of unique players at peak times of the day. It's also arguably the best place to play Bedwars in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

Featuring gameplay that tries to emulate Hypixel as closely as possible, NetherGames is by far the closest thing to a Hypixel Bedwars experience players can have on the Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

With ranked Bedwars matches also rumored to be coming soon, now is a better time than ever for Bedrock players to get familiar with NetherGames.

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