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Minecraft seeds are awesome for players who are looking for a certain biome or type of world to start their next survival world in.

Seeds in Minecraft are defined as strings of letters or numbers that will generate a certain world. If two different players are on Minecraft Pocket Edition version 1.16 and both enter the same seed, the same world will generate.

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Jungles are awesome biomes to spawn in; they contain an abundance of wood and unique mobs and items. Some mobs and items players might find in a jungle are parrots, pandas, ocelots, and cocoa beans, not to mention jungle temples!

Top 5 Minecraft PE seeds for Jungles in 2021

#5 – hogtall

Image via Minecraft

Hogtall is a wonderful jungle Minecraft seed with a beautiful blue river running right through the jungle. Within this seed, players will find an abundance of wood, bamboo, melons, and cocoa beans, along with interesting mobs such as parrots and pandas. And if a player gets tired of living in a jungle, a colorful mesa biome is right nearby.


Image via Minecraft

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This is a beautiful Minecraft jungle seed with tons of bodies of water and hills. The interesting terrain of this jungle would give a bunch of awesome places for players to build their next survival base.

#3 – DJYZ

Image via Minecraft

While players will spawn in a jungle biome in this seed, other biomes are not far away. This seed is perfect for those who want to explore jungles but still want the scenery of other biomes nearby.

#2 – 9144

Image via Minecraft

Who doesn't love mountains and jungles? In this jungle seed, a snowy mountain biome generates right in the middle.

This mountain can add gorgeous views to any player's next survival base. Just imagine seeing mountains from the windows of a base. A jungle temple can also be found around coordinates 55, 74, 328.


Image via Minecraft

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This Minecraft jungle seed is bamboo galore. All jungles typically have bamboo growing throughout the trees, but this particular jungle has tons of bamboo, perfect for finding pandas.

(Disclaimer: This list reflects the personal views of the writer. As there are many such seeds, it is an individual's choice to select one or the other according to his/her preference.)

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