The next version of Minecraft Pocket Edition will be packed full of boats, bats, poisonous spiders, and pufferfish.

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You”ll be able to change your skin, rename your world, and play in French.

Those are just some of the additions coming to the blocky block tapper, and we”ve been hands-on with the lot thanks to the update”s Android beta.

If you can”t get access to the beta, or you”re waiting for a more stable version (we”ve called through the floor about five times), here”s what you”re missing:


Open the settings screen from the main menu and you”ll find a new page for choosing your player skin. You can pick from Steve or new female miner Alex, or import a skin file from your device.

Best of all, the game works with any and all PC skin files so you immediately have millions of costumes to choose from.

Rename and edit worlds


You can now edit the details of a previously created world. You can change the name, switch from survival to creative, and toggle a switch to make it always daytime. And you can now make old worlds become infinitely big.



A new globe button on the main screen lets you change the game”s language and show in-game text in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and more. Hola!



You can now make boats. You just need five planks of the same type of wood and a shovel, and you”ll be able to make this ocean-going mode of transport from a crafting table.

Once you plop it in the water you get a big button to board the ship. Then, you”ll need to press the left and right buttons to row. Don”t worry, you don”t need to craft paddles separately.


The boat also has two spots for mobs so if you can lure a pig nearby you can go for a ride with a porky shipmate.



You can also craft a fishing rod, as long as you”ve got three sticks and two lengths of string. Then, you”ll get a big “fish” button at the bottom of the screen while you”re holding this item.

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Now just hit this button to cast your lure into the ocean or a lake. After a while you”ll see ripples in the water approach your lure, and this is when you need to hit the fish button again to get your catch.


There are four types of fish in 0.11 – a blue fish and a salmon you can cook, and a clownfish and pufferfish that you cant.



Certain things can now poison you. I bit into a bit of rotten flesh (which zombies now drop) and suddenly my hearts turned yellow and started draining away as I inched closer to death.


You can check your status in a new window, which shows that more effects will be added.

Block of Redstone


Like the blocks of gold, iron, coal, and more, this Redstone block lets you easily store large quantities of Redstone dust for safe keeping.

Grass paths


These are new blocks that are a smidgen shorter than typical blocks, allowing for a path-like look. Unfortunately, I can”t figure out how to make them.

You”ll find them in villages, but if you dig them up they”ll turn into normal dirt blocks. And no item seems to turn grass blocks into grass paths. A conundrum!



You can find squids – and baby squids – in the ocean. And they drop ink sacs when you kill them. You know, if you”re a monster.



You”ll now find bats inside dark areas. They don”t do much but it is very fun to go into a villager”s house in creative mode and spawn a load of bats in their kitchen. Mad bants.

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Other mobs

You”ll also find Cave spiders and baby zombies, and “Spider Jockeys” and “chicken jockeys” but I don”t even want to know what they are.

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