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wtbblue.com – Getting up and down in Minecraft can really consume time if you don’t use the assistance of fly mods or speed hacks. If you are looking for an effective and safe way to travel vertically, you can try the Minecraft elevator. It’s a simple tool use that doesn’t require an expert know-how or even miles of redstone wiring.

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Wondering how to make an elevator in Minecraft? Luckily, wtbblue.com has compiled the information about it. Here’s how to make an elevator in Minecraft you can steal. Let’s go!

How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft PE

Flickr – Photo by George Wong

Step 1. Layout

You are about to begin the first step of how to make an elevator in Minecraft by creating walls for the elevator. You need 4×4 for the dimensions. For the height, it can be whatever you determine! Please note that before you select the building material, you will need to combine well with the stairs that will be added later on.Additionally, add a block in the ground. It aims to show visitors where they have to stand to activate the elevator. For example, you can mark the ground with a stone brick block.

Step 2. Button

After you have done constructing your walls, the next step of how to make an elevator in Minecraft is adding a marker. It is where your button will be put later on.

Step 3. Spiral Staircase

The third step of how to make an elevator in Minecraft is adding a spiral staircase onto your stairs. You need to stand on the marker you have created formerly on the ground and face to your right. Then, put the stairs there. Keep your work at creating the spiral staircase all the way up to the top.

Step 4. Holes

Now, the next step of how to make an elevator in Minecraft is adding holes. Those holes are just directions and guidelines to show where the sticky pistons should be placed. You may wonder how this elevator works. Well, you will see the sticky pistons push 1 block from the wall. It will push right up a stair at a time.Remember that when you create your holes, and that will make sure that you are putting the holes correctly. When you stroll through the front entrance of the elevator, see to the left of the marker in the ground. One block up from the ground (second block up), it is the first hole you/’’ have to break. Then, you need to continue breaking one hole all the way to the summit of your elevator.Note: Remember that the blocks are not about to be pushing the stairs. In fact, they are about to be pushing players up the stairs.

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Step 5. Add Blocks

The fifth step of how to make an elevator in Minecraft is adding some blocks. In this step, all you need to finish is add one block below each hole you have just made in Step 4. Note that you are not putting blocks directly behind the holes. Instead, you are putting one block down below each hole you just created.

Step 6. Sticky Pistons

You need to go inside of your elevator tower. After that, put 1 sticky piston on each block you just put in Step 5. The sticky piston is going to be one block back.

Step 7. Cover up

In this step, you will need to head back into the tower. After that, cover each sticky piston with 1 block. It is the block which the sticky piston pushes. Furthermore, the return will push the player right up the stairs.

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Step 8. Redstone

Well, this step probably will be tricky when you begin, but actually it’s not that hard. You need to put a block behind your button. After that, put redstone on the top of this block. Then, put another redstone 1 block down. Hence, it will charge the block below the sticky piston.Then, stand to the left of the stick piston. Be sure to face left. Look down, hop, and put a redstone repeater. Be sure that the redstone repeater is already facing left. Otherwise, it won’t work.Set the repeater to 4 (right-click 3 times to the last setting). Feel free to try any setting with faster times. If you prefer a quicker elevator, you can change repeaters to 2 (1 click) rather than 4.Keep connecting the sticky pistons to redstone and redstone repeaters right to the top. Ensure you are doing a step like strategy (the on;y choice) along the outside of the elevator. Remember that the redstone will consistently control the block BELOW the sticky piston—the redstone never really is alongside the sticky piston.

Step 9. Overview of Wiring

If you succeed making it this far, congrats! You have created the master of all elevators! The last step for you is covering the wiring, which shouldn”t be too difficult to even consider doing. This elevator is as small as compact gets, so making a nice looking elevator shouldn”t be too challenging for you!

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