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Minecraft Potion Chart and Guide

Posted: Dec 2, 2020 in Minecraft

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mc head By David


Alright gamers, you didn’t click on this for no reason. You want to know how to master the art of brewery and potioncraft in hopes of empowering yourself. Whether it be for PvP, utility, or just fun, I’ll help you figure the best way to acquire some awesome potions! Now, let’s get started.

The Brewery

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crafting brewing stand This is what you’ll need to start making potions. You can find these in Villagers, or craft them yourself with 3 Cobblestone, and 1 Blaze Rod. You can also find potions, but if you planned on doing that, you wouldn’t be reading this. brewing stand UI This is the UI of the Brewing Stand. To get started, you’ll need to fuel the Brewing Stand with Blaze Powder. Next, place the corresponding ingredients in the top middle slot. The slots that have a Bottle outline will be where you place Bottles of Water, which will eventually transform into the potions. Only one ingredient is needed to brew three potions.


crafting glass bottles awkward potionAlright Edward Elric, let’s get started on your Alchemical journey! This is gonna be tough, but you’ll do fine. First things first, you’re going to need to make some glass bottles. 3 Glass oughta do it. To brew potions, you need to fill these bottles with water by right-clicking a water source. Any water source block will do.

One thing you’ll need to get used to in Alchemy is the idea of transmutation. Basically, turning one thing into another. To create any potion effective potion you’ll need to make an Awkward Potion. (Potion of Weakness is the only exception) This is done by using Nether Wart as an ingredient on water bottles in the Brewing Stand. Once the Awkward Potion is created, different ingredients can be added to manifest different effects. That’s it! You’re an alchemist!

Each and Every…

Here I will list off each and every potion along with its effect, and how to make them. Here we go!


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Potions typically trigger status effects on the player/mob affected. Whether it be Regeneration, Poison, or even something as silly as Leaping, it will be a timed status effect. Inside of the inventory, you can read all status effects and see how much longer they have on the duration in the form of a timer. Outside of the inventory, you can see small status symbols on the top right of your screen. They will start to blink when the duration of the effect is close to wearing off. All status effects, bad and good, can be cleansed by drinking a Bucket of Milk.

All potions work similarly. They cannot be stacked on top of one another in your inventory (even similar potions) and take three seconds to drink. If you do not finish the full animation, you will not receive the effects of the potion.


After you’ve created your potions, you can upgrade them in one of two different ways: duration, and level. This is done with Redstone Dust or Glowstone Dust. If you upgrade the level, you cannot upgrade the duration and vice versa. Some potions can only have their duration upgraded, as shown in the graph above.


I would say the main reason we use potions in Minecraft is to kill someone or something. Let’s be real. Hitting twice as hard or making the enemy move slower is pretty useful. Whether it be a player or a mob, there are multiple ways you can utilize these potions. Sadly, politely asking your enemy to drink the Potion of Harming II typically does not work. This is where Splash and Lingering potions come in. Here’s how they work.


Wooh! That was quite a lot of information to gulp down, but I think it’ll digest properly. Potions are a pretty complex part of Minecraft, but it can really feel fulfilling to empower yourself with the arts of Alchemy. From strengthening your blade, to literally becoming invisible, there are plenty of ways to enjoy potions! With that said, have a great day!

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