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One major reason behind Minecraft’s jump to fame was the fact that it allowed the players to unleash their creativity in an uninhibited creative mode. The ability to build without having to worry about topping up resources or food, and without worrying about keeping away the mobs, really set Minecraft apart, launching an entire genre of inspired games.

Since building is such a huge part of the Minecraft gameplay even now, there are some really useful seeds that are perfect for those who’d rather spend their time creating epic builds rather than fighting off mobs.

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5 best Minecraft seeds for building

1) The Lonely Island Sanctuary

Image credits: MinecraftSeedsCo

This particularly stunning island is the perfect place to build the island sanctuary of your dreams. The seed makes you spawn near a small flat island with a sparkling ocean that creates the perfect backdrop for your new creative wonder. You could literally use the entire island to build a massive mansion, castle, or even a modern resort!

Seed Code: 3366408241916580461

2) Desert Village

Image credits: wtbblue.com

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This Minecraft seed is perfect if you’re playing in a normal survival mode and would like to concentrate on building the best possible home for yourself before actually venturing out on an adventure. The desert village will set you up nicely with good loot and even a few diamonds so that you don’t have to worry about early resources, and can use the desert plains to build your dream home in peace.

Seed Code: -2579494896997723047

3) Flat Plains surrounded by Biomes

Image credits: wtbblue.com

This mind-blowing seed sees you spawn pretty close to a small stretch of plains that can be the perfect ground for your next build. The plains are also surrounded by several biomes, including a Taiga forest, all ready for you to pluck resources from. All in all, this seed is the perfect beginning to both a creative as well as survival adventure!

Seed Code: -1822690130793130707

4) Mountains in the Sky

Image credits: wtbblue.com

This unique seed helps you spawn close to a mountainous biome that is the perfect building spot for a builder who likes a challenge. If you’re looking to build your castle amongst the clouds, then this is the perfect place to begin your adventure. The biomes surrounding you also contain more than a few caves and mines that can easily provide you with enough resources to keep you going until your sky mansion is complete.

Seed Code: 8274285135238726416

5) An Icy Abode

Image credits: PlanetMinecraft

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While building in green plains and sandy beaches is all fun and good, the sprawling snowy abode that this seed throws you in is a great location to create the perfect icy village in Minecraft. This entire world is stunning to look at, with a sparkling blue ocean that accompanies the snowy plains that will be your home for your next big adventure.

Seed Code: 217

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