Rockhounding Mod: Rocks For Minecraft Rockhounding Guide, Rockhounding_Core/Examplerecipes

Not shown is Energized Fuel Blend, which is required to power all Rockhounding machines until you can get Nichrome to make Induction Heating Interfaces.

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Early Rockhounding requires large amounts of sulfur, redstone, and coal, and a little bit of glowstone and salt.

The 1st alloy you should aim to make is Nichrome, then probably Nimonic to make the AA Crusher.

Here's what it looks like in-game, minus the Alloy Smelter.

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In the storage drawers are the item inputs, from L-to-R:

Uninspected Mineral

Granite (to make Fluorite)

Crushing Gear

Test Tube

Carbon Compound

Fluorite-Bearing Compound

Sodium Chloride Compound

Sulfur-bearing Compound

You can certainly automate it more than this.

And, for a starter setup, you only need 1 Lab Oven, though you'll be swapping the input fluids often. I'd build 4 Lab Ovens ASAP to dedicate to each of the four output fluids so you're not swapping all the time.

You also only need 1 Mineral Sizer. I built a 2nd one for the slight convenience of being able to dump my granite from the same mining expedition for Uninspected Minerals.

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4 years ago

Wow! This is pretty neat, thanks for this! Definitely going to use this! 😀

On another note, where'd you find that faithful texture pack? I can't find the one for mods.

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